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Post by Alex on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:18 am

Ok well in my returning to SWBF2 i've noticed in the Abyss some kid name "[FOF]SGT_Brandon". I didn't mind him at first. But on his team he will" Killsteal , TK if you go to retrieve your kill, and will occasionally Glitch. Under opposite teams out of random when he kills me he taunts. For no reason what so ever. I didn't mind it at first but after after a week or two of this I started getting pissed. I have done nothing to Brandon, although I do admit I TK'ed him once for stealing my kill but after that I was civil and just ignored him while he followed me and and tried to TK me. I would appreciate if you just saw him in the server and just give him a warning. If he proceeds to do any of the stuff i've stated please ban him. i don't know if he just does it to me or what. But he interrupts the game play of me and possibly others, I wouldn't doubt it. I hope you consider this "tattle" and take it to as little of a warning when he's on. I'd appreciate it much, thanks.

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