Banned For Accidental Glitch

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Banned For Accidental Glitch

Post by lordvader on Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:55 pm

Please unban "Lord Kyle" from "The Abyss" server. I accidentally jumped out of bounds when playing as Darth Vader in Mos Eisley and was banned instantly for glitching. I've only recently gotten this game working online and am still adapting to the rules of online play, but did not mean to glitch and promise never to do so again. I only wish to enjoy myself and for others to do the same. Getting SWBF2 to work online was a very time consuming and frustrating process. But I was so happy when I finally got it working. So, of course, to make up for that happiness, it had to be ruined by a random ban from the only active heros vs villains server on my first day. Story of my life. Please unban me. Crying or Very sad


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