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Cause & Effect, Blacklisting The Abyss Empty Cause & Effect, Blacklisting The Abyss

Post by Sinister on Sat May 15, 2010 11:44 pm

I want to address this before it has a chance to progress...

The Abyss, for the most part, has been and will continue to be a neutral community that is here for the single purpose of providing people with a place to talk, challenge, bullshit or whatever you will to your heart's content. Additionally, the server is in essence an extension of that freedom. However... that's not to say it's a perfect setup, but let's be real, there is and never will be a perfect setup.

It's obvious the periodic bullshit and admin abuse has built up over time to the point where it is no longer tolerable, considering the fact certain (unnamed) people are making an ill-conceived attempt to boycott The Abyss and all current/potential community sites as well. This ultimately defeats the very thing that has been holding this game together for so long now; community.

I understand it can be frustrating to be booted for no reason, for noobs to run rampant and freely break rules or for admins to abuse their power, but you people have to understand... We have lives, we have other hobbies, we have other things to worry about than a star wars server. We can't be admins all day every day... Furthermore, no one is forcing you to play there. I am an admin myself and at times I don't even bother booting all the noobs and instead I just play elsewhere. This is a good use of common sense... if you are ever in a similar circumstance I highly recommend you try it lol

Now, lately there has been much cause for concern in regards to the integrity of our admins. Let me say this... those who have shown they don't have the ability to be fair and rightful admins have lost that privilege. Additionally, those who are in some way involved in the support of the boycott, whether by their clan or direct implication, have also lost admin rights. Regardless, all are still welcome on the site and server...

We are not letting this get to us, but rather... are looking at it constructively and what we can do to make it better for everyone, even those of you who swear you will never go to The Abyss again. We realize that there of course need to be some changes, and let me say that there definitely will be some changes. However, we will still remain what we have always been...

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Cause & Effect, Blacklisting The Abyss Empty Re: Cause & Effect, Blacklisting The Abyss

Post by Huey Freeman on Sun May 16, 2010 12:16 am

As Sinister addressed for me, yes there will be some changes. I realize there have been some issues with this place but unfortunately I can't find all those problems myself, if you have a problem that you feel should be addressed then don't just bitch about it openly on that chat, because that won't solve anything. Bring it to me in an orderly fashion and I'll do what I can to deal with it.

The first of the sure fired changes is I'm going to get rid of a bunch of mods, mainly the leisure ones instead of the ones that make The Abyss well...The Abyss. The health droids will heal at the regular rate instead of the modded rate, though the health droids will remain invincible, the jetpacks will remain modded, the health pakcs and the no pulling, everything else will be gotten rid of.

The second are the admins, some will be gotten rid of, some will be tested, and some will be watched like fucking hawks. Watch what your doing from now on because the players will be my eyes and ears for when I'm not around. I'll personally be going around and asking questions to random players at random times about how an admin is doing, if they've abused power in any way, so on.

The third is myself, I've been getting lazy and making crappy decisions as of late, and I'm going to fix all that I've done and control myself like I used to.

There will likely be other changes as well, but those will come in do time. That is all for now....

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