Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

Post by Scrumtralescent on Mon May 04, 2009 7:23 pm

Hi everyone, I've been playing on the Abyss server for a little while now (I bought the game a few months ago so I'm still not that great yet). I play under different names, off the top of my head I've played as Scrumtralescent, Balcos HouseORoids, and Benny_Lava. I don't go by those names to be deceptive or sneaky, I just like to use names that are humorous or meaningful to me so I won't get bored of having the same name over time.

I really like that this server doesn't have Force Pull. I can't tell you how annoying it is to play on other Mos Eisley servers where almost the whole Hero team is Aaylas or Ki-Adi Mundis double-pulling all over the place thinking they're good because they use the cheapest Jedi move in the game. Like I said earlier, I just got the game a little while ago, and the fact that I'm still trying to get used to playing online with a PS2 controller means that I'm not the best player in the world. I'm sure some of you must have thought I really sucked sometimes because I usually don't remember to block or I put myself in situations where I get owned really fast (mostly whenever I try to kill Ryuuzaki Razz).

I also have to admit I've gotten myself booted a few times for either pushing a teammate or accidently team killing, but I assure you if I ever team kill or kill steal I don't do it on purpose, it's just me reacting too quickly or not paying enough attention to my surroundings to notice a teammate nearby. I've also suicided a few times too, I know that's against the rules but sometimes there's people who kill me cheaply over and over and it pisses me off so I don't like giving them the satisfaction of getting a kill. I will stop doing this though because I know it's not allowed and I dont' want to get booted anymore. Smile Oh, and I also don't really get the whole crouching next to enemies thing. If I ever push people or start to attack people who are crouching next to each other, I'm not trying to be a jerk I just go by the "if it's red it's dead" thinking. When I play I don't have time to be crouching around. Smile If I've ever pissed anyone off here then I apologize, and I'm sorry for the wall of text, I just wanted to have a nice intro. Smile

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Re: Hello everyone

Post by Huey Freeman on Mon May 04, 2009 7:32 pm

''if its red, its dead.'' i like that

we crouch to ppl because they are our friends and we dont feel like killing them, some ppl protect their friends but i dont really believe in such a thing anymore

ive seen you on as scrumtralescent before, and do try not to break my rules as i lose my patience more and more everyday with rule breakers....

be noted if you have any questions the other admins cant answer, come to me
ill most likely know the answer because it is mainly my server as i pay for it and everything

and welcome to the forums....

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