The Aaron Hernandez arrested, released from Patriots

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The Aaron Hernandez arrested, released from Patriots

Post by Alex Ace on Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:43 pm

After a week of investigation, officials decided they had enough evidence to arrest former patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez , over suspicion in his involvement in the homicide of Odin Lloyd. He is officially charged with murder.

This really come as a big shock, never thought Hernandez would end up in this situation. Although I did not know before hand that he was involved with gangs during his tenure as a Florida Gator in college, or that he shot some guy in the eye with an unlicensed handgun back in February.

This sucks for the patriots organization in general and the family if Odin. They have to deal with a loss of a loved one while the patriots seek to replace a talented TE who just made the wrong decisions in his life.

With gronk being injured, Welker traded, and Hernandez gone, the patriots seem to not have any weapons on offense for Brady. It suck because a guy like Hernandez complements gronk in athleticism. Sure he's not as powerful but he is the kind of TE too fast for line backers to cover and to big for corners to cover.
IMO I think he's guilty. Best case scenario this ends the same way Ray Lewis's trial did. But I think it's good for the patriots to disassociate with him.
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Re: The Aaron Hernandez arrested, released from Patriots

Post by YounesTheDrunk on Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:52 pm

Yea all the evidence shows that he did it. He was dumb to have attempted doing something like this especially during the time were his career is going really well.


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