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Ricin Letters

Post by Huey Freeman on Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:17 pm

The suspect known as "Kevin Curtis" was chosen, prosecuted, found not guilty and actually got off Scott free without any federal bonds put on him or his family.

The only condition is that he would have to move out of his county (Lafayette county) so that any other suspects in there would not get wind of his freedom and believe that they could go on a destructive path with no repercussions.

He was chosen because of his past of posting his political ideals on websites and such, but never actually put anything up to threaten the life of someone in one of the offices. Though in the end they have figured out that Kevin Curtis, the alleged suspect, was framed.

Appearances rarely share the whole truth.
Weak humans are irresponsible and sneaky. They'd rather put the blame on others and let them suffer.
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