The current status of mods in the server

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The current status of mods in the server

Post by Huey Freeman on Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:58 pm

Map mods

The boundaries are the map are extended, letting you go to the "Leaving Battlefield" portion without death.

There is a damage region on the outer most parts of the out of bounds area, keeping players from going into the "gray zone" without being damaged until death.

Health droids will heal you faster than they would while not modded, and can not be destroyed. Although the cantina health droid will not work, to prevent villains from camping inside with much reward.

Ammo droids will steadily give energy when standing near them, and will be indestructible as well. The ammo droid in the cantina will not work.

The "spawn-in positions", or more specifically where you end up standing once you spawn in have been moved around.
Example: You can choose a spawn, wait to spawn in, and when the timer hits 0, find yourself spawned in on top of a tower, or on top of the cantina rather than inside it.

There are damage regions on top of the highest of the highest towers on either side of the out of bounds, in order to keep people from going up there and simply pushing away anyone else who tries to go up to fight.

Character mods

Force lightning has a stun added to it, which can even stop a sprint jump in mid-air directly in it's tracks, but won't actually knock the person down. It also has increased damage, so it would still take 3 hits to kill a hero at full health. With that it has a "cool down" on it, meaning once you use it, you have to wait a certain amount of time until you can use it again. The cool down on it is 5 seconds, and takes increased energy.
Side effects: Once used and is on cool down, you have to switch to choke in order to continue playing normally until it is off cool down.

Force Choke for The Emperor and Count Dooku costs less energy, and they move normal speed while choking now, so as to make up for their lack of a "switch to saber throw while choking", being that their modded lightning would mess it up.
Side effects: None.

Count Dooku, The Emperor and Darth Maul will regain energy when doing a sprint attack, the same as Luke and Yoda do.
Side effects: None.

Darth Vader is able to slow run in the air after doing a ramp, like every other jedi/sith can do, which he was previously not able to do if you stopped sprinting after the ramp.
Side effects: None.

Aayla Secure, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Yoda have had their pulls turned into push.
Side effects: It will still show the pull icon and make the pull sound, rather than the push icon and the push sound.

General Grievous has force push where his damage increase used to be, and can jump 4 times as well, just like the majority of other jedi.
Side effects: It will still show his red ring and the damage increase icon, as well as turning anyone who doesn't block it red for half a second. The force jumps are a bit wonky, but really easy to get used to regardless. His dash attack will not go the full duration if you spam the button, but people only use the first half anyways, so that's not really an issue to begin with.

All shooters will die immediately when attempting to spawn in.
Side effects: None.

Other mods abd side effects

Ammo capsules, along with dual health/ammo capsules will give you full energy when picked up.

Regular health capsules will give more health than they would when unmodded, same for dual health/ammo capsules

Damage increase/Damage reduction capsules will not last as long on the field, so pick them up while they're there, or you'll miss your chance.(Makes them more like a treat than anything else)

Dumpsters are rendered relatively useless due to specific map mods, unfortunately. The only real uses now are for a hiding spot at best.

The cantina bubble was fixed, but the rest of it is still a bit wonky. Best not to bother trying to fight on it or anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this, if you have any questions, please make a new topic asking about it.

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