The current rules of the server

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The current rules of the server

Post by Huey Freeman on Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:55 pm

The basics

No glitching. Exceptions: To get a glitcher out, but be warned the admin could just see you as a glitcher as well.

No team killing. Exceptions: Your kill is stolen, that's one warranted one, not as many as you like.

No respawning. Exceptions: You're being legitimately spawn killed or spawn camped.

No spawn killing/spawn camping. Exceptions: None.

No kill stealing. Exceptions: You're taking a stolen kill back.

No taunting. Exceptions: You can not find an admin and the other started the taunting first. We would still prefer if you would not stoop to their level, though, as it will only ensue more taunting by everyone else.

Abusive gameplay

Please try to keep from excessive high camping. (standing on the tallest of tall buildings, towers, etc. for roughly more than 15 seconds or so) You might, keyword, might not be booted or banned for it, but you still can be.

Please try to keep from excessive blocking. (blockwhoring) The same as high camping, you might not be booted or banned for it, but you still can be.

No helping the opposing team. You have the option to not kill specific people on the opposite team, but you can not help them get kills on your teammates, nor refuse to fight at all.

Miscellaneous rules

Heroes may not go in to the cantina. Obviously it seems a bit unfair to give the villains a complete safe haven, but I do not trust people to only go in just to kill one person and then immediately get out, leaving all other newly spawned villains alone.

Please no extended inactivity, you will be booted for it, but not banned. If you expect to be gone for longer than 5-10 minutes, then please just leave the server before going in order to allow room for other players and keep teams from getting stacked if you've already chosen a team.

Please do not camp your own spawns. I can't stress enough how easily it is for spawn killing to ensue from one single person camping his own spawn, because then the enemies MUST go in to get the kill, and will not take into consideration who just recently spawned and who was camping.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this, if you have any questions, please make a new topic asking about it.

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