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Mr. Clean

Post by Huey Freeman on Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:02 am

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee

Mr. Clean

ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE VERY VERY BEST OF HIS TIME BY FAR. From November 2005-Spring or Summer 2007 he was one of the top top elite players. He wasn't the absolute best outright during his time on the top... BUT, he was one of an elite group of players who were around the same level, IMO. AND, that elite group I just mentioned, well lets just use your hand as an example. You got five fingers on each hand right? Well 5 fingers is ONE TOO MANY to count the number of elite players I place Clean amongst.... As far as the "truly elite 4" as I call them, of the 1st 2 or 3 years of the game.

Now when Mr Clean was in Jog there many many good players in Jog like Jeff/Chicali/Frantic/Rand Talor/Mr. Barney/Oscar-Sentinel/Zarex/Zombie13/Bookofthel/NerdVader/Arggie, and also your neighborhood Nature Boy

BUT, the rest of us Joggers at the time were like... Little boys and girls standing next to a Bald Guy from a house hold cleaner commercial Clean was one of the very best of the best Joggers when he was in the clan. Yes guys like Chicali or Jeff... (old school Jeff not modern Jeff) who were very skilled for their time... However as good as they were, they were utterly ANTS compared to Mr. Clean in terms of skill. (No offense Jeff! ) Again, I'm talking about when Mr. Clean was at the top of his game.

Mr Clean was a good all around player. Pretty much like myself. I think me and him were very similar. What I'm talking about is, we were both very good in 1vs1 situations and big servers. BUT, just like myself lol... Clean wasn't exactly a good Team mate to have and would usually go for kills rather then saving his teammates.

He wasn't that great at very planned out clan matches or scrims. He simply wasn't a team player. This, ALONG WITH THE FACT THAT: After he left Jog in 2007 his heart simply wasn't in the game. He took a break and when he came back wasn't just rusty, but was just depressed I think from nearly destroying Jog. So for the last half year he played he wasn't quite at his peak... Also, it didn't help his reputation by taking part in scrims and CLAN MATCHE(S)... Which were his weak point and at a point that he simply didn't have the heart for the game anymore.

Now this had caused some people to bash Clean's skill due to him being a shell of his former self in late 07/Early 08... And some said that the game simply moved on without him... Meaning overall the playing field improved. BUT, those people can kiss my 6'6" 290 pound white ass Because from 1st hand experience... From mid 07-early 08 there were NO major shifts in over all game play styles. People were perfect blocking more and more over time after it was figured out by {DMV} Darth Ino... But I seen Clean rape countless perfect block whores with utter ease.


Mr. clean is one of the best players during the early stages of SWBF2. Ranking all the best players. MR clean is number 1. Coming from an old school guy like me who played the game for hours and witnessed the game during the early stages. I fought with Mr Clean, against him, hell I even spectated him for hours. This is the only guy that caught my attention in such a manner. Out of all the Nominees, I have seen being nominated. This guy is by far the best player I have seen in the game.

Mr. Clean was the first guy to have ever invented the sprint around, then push behind move to throw off balance the chokers. He was one of the first ones I saw to have used the walls as ramps to jump around the rooms. He was the first one I ever saw use the ramps to walk up and choke people. He was the first guy I ever saw pushing , then one killing with master windu (earthquake) It was just amazing and I am glad to have been a part of it all of it


When i was playing way back Mr Clean always seemed like a phenom, every one would kind of watch him and try to replicate his tactics, moves, tricks. he is a true icon of the game


Clean is one of the top best SWBF2 players of all time.


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