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If it wasn't for chicali I would have never made a clan in swbf2. I remember when I first saw chicali playing in a open server. He was kicking ass with secura and everyone was just trying to kill him. It was getting so bad that his own teammates were trying to kill him because he was just killing everyone from the opposing team. I didn't like the fact that others were doing that to him so I took it upon myself to help defend him. Eventually we started just tagging along with eachother, always backing each other up in open servers. our scores at this time were almost perfect every time out. We never spoke to eachother at this time since I didn't have a mic. However it was obvious by us playing the way we did we learned to anticipate the surrounding attacks coming at us without having to speak about it. This made us at that time the best team in the game. When we finally spoke on a mic with one another, we created JOG. The rest is just history.

But I always look back at our beginning and it always makes me smile. It pure enjoyment for this game and because of him, that I was started on this path of being in this game and as active as I was.

Others may hate him, others may love him, others may say he sucked which is very foolish on their part because at one point in this games history, there was no one better. We butted heads a lot over time, but never have I not respected him. And I am happy to still call him my friend to this day.


Chicali is one of the most Infamous players from the game alongside people like Superduper/Myself/Sinister/Ratix. He is VERY UNDER RATED. He was one of the top 10 or dozen players when he was at the top of his game. But he'd take often long breaks and then come back and be rusty. Which would makem do not so good for a couple days till he got his A Game back so some people got the wrong idea and thought he wasn't one of the best players. Also a lot of people bashing his skill were just some of his haters who didn't know what they were talking about or just god mad that Chicali owned them.

When he wasn't rusty... His Aayla was equal to Mr Clean's, his Luke about as good as mine or MrClean's. And he was one of the very best Darth Vaders during his two years in the game.


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