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I remember seeing Nerdvader one time in star wars way back then and that's right after he tried out Rabbit. That's the last time I saw him... until recently hehe.

I remember seeing him on Call of Duty W@W and actually talking to him. He was one of the few people I had seen with level 10 prestige I believe. I wasn't sure what the symbols meant hehe, but I think it was the red star.

One thing I do remember is reading in the secret secret UDN forums way back when I had first joined. I can't recall exactly what he said although it was along the lines of saying what a motivated player I was. I respected the guy ever since I read that post.

He disappeared a lot after that until he just never came back. I will always remember Rudy/ T3 Libras though hehe. I'll bet he had a great impact on the game before I started the clan gaming.


One of the three founding members of UDN. Tremendous leader and player. Is an old timer, a jedi master of JOG. Already a JOG HoF'er. He paid for the UDN site and was very influential in the game. Influenced many members on a personal note; A_Civillian like to UDN...very mature and always in control


I knew nerdvader back when he was in jog. always a solid player but had amazing leadership ablilites and teamwork. UDN wouldnt of been what it was without NerdVader at the helm.


an easy yes. . . it starts with his nerdvader server which was a main hub for the community for a good year, he sat on the jog council and helped lead us through much of the golden years. He then went on to lead udn which again was a major clan during the second half of 2007. Many of his members went on to help keep the middle era of this game alive and well.

A good person, a trusted ally, great clan mate. . . yes


Nerd Vader was one of the most mature wise polite cats to ever grace the Swbf2 Community. I think he had the greatest server ever in the game. Even up to this day, no server is as popular and and ran so smoothly lag free as his was then. It was the most flocked to server and was... Well it didn't lag even if it was full of laggy players lol. Idk how he did it. His name will live on forever from his server alone!

But he was also a great friend and one of the leading guys in Jog. He wasn't one of the official leaders of Jog... But he was one of the semi leaders alongside someone like Myself/Mr Clean, until his departure in 2007. When he was in the clan he provided it with... Yes his epic server lol. He was pretty smart and was the original go to guy for technical problems in Jog.

In 2007 he created Udn because he thought Jog had fell apart. But when he noticed Jog was still active, he decided not to rejoin because he already had a close nit group of friends and a very stand out clan in the form of UDN.

Nerd helped Jog become what it was when he was in it. And in Udn-Helped culture a lot of stand out talents of today like Rabbit/Bill. I think Rabbit and Bill are the smart respectable friendly people they are partly because of Nerd's example


I didn't play him that many times, but when I did he was always solid from what I saw. I think leading UDN all those years, which was a big clan in it's time, is enough to suffice a HoF spot. But he also was a leader in Jog and much more.

-No name provided.

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