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Post by Huey Freeman on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:56 am

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


The right hand man of super duper. He came a solid player in his own right. Was the only standing member with super throughout the entire history of sdj


Was one of the best players of his time and arguably the best Maul, or aggressive Maul player rather. Super's lapdog but he definitely made his mark on the game.


Easy yes, one of the greatest players to ever play.


Second person to invent the Jedi assault mode on Mos Eisely...


The guy who got me started, YES


Anyways: Fear was one of the best Darth Mauls during the time he played. And was the 3rd best SDJ member only after Superduper/Mr. Joker. Well, until Zarex joined SDJ. But hey, there's nothing wrong with being 3rd/4th best in a clan full of excellent assault players right?

Fear was a very effective 2nd in command to Superduper in SDJ. Also the fact that he was able to put up with Super during all those years they were in the clan together... Heck I'd vote him in soley for that by itself.


Fear was such a great player. It's weird cause despite not really talking to him and the whole OES vs SDJ thing, i kinda looked up to fear. We were around the same age and back then we were the best players of our age, him always being better, so idk i just looked up to him. He dealt with so much bs from superduper but always put it behind him for the sake of the clan. Him and superduper remain one of the best duos ever if not the best.


I fucking hate this mother fucker more than anyone on this game...he's like all those nagging call of duty kids all combined...Suuuuuch an A-hole. Regardless I have to say yes. Great player, second in command of SDJ.


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