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Post by Huey Freeman on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:50 am

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Wizard is a yes for me.

He was during the games golden years, especially in 2006, into early 2007 was one of the games bigger leaders. His clan MR was in the largest war of this games history, dubbed the JOG War in which saw countless clans unite against one another. The war was about the right of clans to hold matches privately without interference from out entities. Also there was the issue of certain individuals trying to spark a war between JOG and DSA at this time. Wizard was one of the leaders of MR.

This clan would help create GOR, which became a long lasting clan of this community.

Wizard was very tough player. He was a driving force in this community.


*Wizard*.. Hearing, seing that name just gives me the flashback of my first, yest my first ever friend on swbf2..He's know with a attitude of being an ansshole we all know, for this reason being on his side was a good thing. Wizard was probably the nest team player that I would have on my team, we were mostly impossible to stop together.. He was a big part of MR leading the way through the battles all around in the time being.. Of course the years of 2006-2007. He was also the guy that would always bring me back up to my feet when I would get frustrated or all downed about the game! lol hell i remember him telling me, Don! You would make a great obi-wan, fk Luke! you always use him, he's easy to use and mostly Luke's are for noobs.. lol so never went back to Luke as much in my career after that haha. Only used him when I got pissed

But Wizard was very known in the community, was a good player and made impact in the game..

For these reasons, he's a Yes.


Like another Mr/Gor guy i voted for Psychopath... Wizard was sort of under rated as well. He had one of the better Obiwan's and Maul's for his time. But yea to explain Wizard... He was like TOM, only a major stoner and didn't only use Yoda lol. Well plus Wizard could be an ass hole, unlike Tom. Yes he was an dick sometimes lol, he was pretty vilified by the community at the time because of it. BUT, when he would be like that it would always be because he was provoked. He never treated anyone unjustly for no reason... He'd just go overboard. But of coarse at the time I would think it was awesome

Anyways, he was a leading man in Mr and Gor until he sadly vanished from the game. I wish more people had gotten to know him instead of just pissing him off, because he was a pretty rad old dude . He was decent for his time, and contributed to a LOT of Swbf2 history. Like drama, clan wars, etc.


Wizard, even tho i doubt he knows it since i barely talked to him, wizard along with pyschopath were my first imspirations to get better at this game. He just dominated the server whenever he was playing. MR is one of the most important clans in history and being leader of it has to give you some hof points.


Wizard was an extremely controversial character during his time I suppose because of his temper but he rarely turned it on his clanmates. I really feel this guy should have been represented as a GOR member who helped create GOR but none the less I'm glad to see him included. He had an aggressive smart style that was sometimes unbelievable to watch


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