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Taking to the more modern approach of jedi arts, Viking was picked up during JOG's reconstruction period in which we were looking for pure raw talent to develop. Some call him lucky, unnaturally skilled, extremely fast, reckless... Yet, whichever way you dice it, members of this community most certainly know that Viking is a seemingly polarizing force on the battleground that can change the tide of a battle the instant he makes an appearance. Viking was even recognized as JOG's star jedi for a point of time around the community. Apart from the general skill that Viking always puts on display when hee plays, he has also made efforts in leading. From 2009/2010/2011, Viking was a council member and was a part of huge decisions that not only impacted JOG, but the community at large as well

For you poptart king


I think his biggest roles have been in JOG. However, this not discount his effects on the game. Not a huge contributor, but still I think he was one of the few to break out of the new age from beingjust another solid player to someone rather strong. Kind of set the new path for others to follow such as Eruption and Berserk.


Viking has a chill personality also which makes it easy to get along with him until u take his poptarts away . Anyway yes for viqueen


in LSJ we used to call him JOGs prodigy child as a joke. The golden boy got so much hype from JOG and was painted out to be the second coming of Mr.Clean and would lead JOG back to greatness. That didn't happen. He never lived up to the hype... Although the golden boy DID become one of todays more upper tier players and an important part of JOG. Viking was one of JOGs best players and JOG was apart of the "Big 3 clans" in the new era behind LSJ and vVv. So its pretty logical for me to vote yes.


Anyways, viking is a yes. Very talented player, one of the very best in the new gen and certainly one of jog's hard hitters during that time, if not THE hard hitter.


Viking started playing in Early 2008 under the name "King Julien". A year later in Early 2009 he joined Jog. In mid 2009 he changed his name to one of the coolest sounding player names from the game ever: VIKING. Over the years he honed his skills and eventually became one of the best new school players ever. And he's a very good dueler/1vs1 player. I'd rank him as one of the top 10 players of the second half of the games life span easily.


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