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Post by Huey Freeman on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:28 am

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King CT

King CT is the person that brought me into jedi after a very terrible shutout tryout lol. At the time UDN had a private locked server that we would always practice in. This happened quite often actually, almost every day. I trained with CT on several occasions. I talked with him a lot and he was the first one to show me anything really advanced. I worked really hard at getting better because I wanted to face him one more time.

It was then that I challenged him to another 1 v 1 to see if I had improved. I think I got 7 kills. That was a month after my initial tryout. I would always see him under different names such as the Almighty_Latin_King or King Cee Tee or C*T. He was an absolute deadly public jedi player. He wasn't a very active player and still isn't, but he always did pretty good.

His loyalty to UDN was quite impressive. He stayed pretty much till the end and was always there. He went to JOG like the other UDN members. I know he plays a bit of PS3 although I rarely ever saw him. I think he played a few games. I know that he had a little fight in him, but mostly he just tried to do things right. I remember specifically in our little quarrel with GOR that he tried to get everybody to calm down and play fairly.


King C*T has been in a few clans other than UDN but UDN was where King C*T's home was at. He was definitely the best player in UDN, no doubt about it. He was insanely good, was comparable to players like Fearless, Sinister, Devil wing, Neji and people of that sort. King CT isn't really recognized on this game like he should be. He was a GREAT player, with a awesome choker. In my opinion he had one of the best chokers in this game. Most people remember King C*T for talking like dIs and ShiT, BeInG All GhetTO LyKe Kang C*T when he got on chatbox haha. I think he's the one who brought ghetto talk to this game haha, or maybe it was Fearless and Sinister... but King C*T was straight out ghetto he didn't have to pretend LOL he was the HARDCORE MEXICAN. King C*T was forced to leave UDN when it moved to the next generation and has been in JOG since and is still one of the best players, even in our line up. He's semi active in the JOG right now, he hops on every couple of months now, anyways the point it that King*CT was one of the best players in the last generation alongside Fearless, Sinister and Neji. time to vote, vote


A stand out talent, amazingly skilled in both 1v1's and team games. Brought about competition. Lets his game do the talking. Love his aggressive style. A legend.
I believe he had no leadership roles. But his skills alone have earned him a spot in the HoF.


I agree with Blaine. CT has been underrated for the most part for a long time. Although, I feel like he belongs more on a JOG or vVv nomination than UDN. Cause in all honesty, I don't remember UDN doing much of anything and he played more important roles outside of it.


I think his aggressiveness was so much in your face you couldn't help but notice him on the field of play. I agree with sinister I think his real impact comes in vvv and jog, however that just shows his longevity in the game and in the mind of players since we all know him from his time in udn as well as a heavy hitter. He is a top 10 hitter of his time and for these reasons I vote yes.


Always a very competitive and a freakishly talented player who never even reached his apex. CT was not one to mess with when it came to the deserts of Mos Eisley... He has that drunken Jedi Master style that only he and maybe Viking can pull off. Being CT was a solid leader and one hell of a player, he kept a competitive flow going in the game, I liked that.


Definite yes, guy is just....good. As much as I didn't want to believe it he would kick my ass up and down servers. Definite contender for anyone's top 10 list. Great guy too, never really cause bullshit.


But he was a great guy, and oh my goodness gracious did he get good at the game, alright. I remember far back in the day, Woo you might have been fighting him around this time when I was more in my peak than CT was, I would be all around him and he wouldn't know what the hell to do to fight me, just like anyone else in those days....he sure showed my ass when he got better, lol. I had taken a break from the game for about a year or so, of course still being on my site to take care of the server and community in what ways I could, but when I got back on the game one day long after the break I saw him in the server one night and he kicked my ass, hard.

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