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Post by Huey Freeman on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:24 am

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Mr Psychopath is a yes for me. He was one of the games first original leaders. Going back as far as wing if I am correct, a clan that had zarex in it in his youth.

Mr Psychopath and his clan of wing is the clan that would spawn off a different lineage of clans than from JOG. As some of you know a lot of the early clans came from JOG. However wing and that lineage spawned off another string clans. Psycho was also known for the no force movement and I believe not using buildings that was actually quite popular in the early days of the game.

His skills were solid.

He was known figure and leader, and was respected as much.


Psychopath... Yes, this guy was truly a master at the no-force. I remember hardly anyone being able to touch him even with force powers to help! A leader of not only his clan, but a well known figure and leader in the community as well


And yes was an orignal first leader for the WING clan which would later turn to the clan MR. Psychopath another very good friend of mine, always a strong player, wise choices and leadership skills. He is a general icon of swbf2, especially in the early days.. 2005-2007


VERY UNDER RATED. Psychopath was easily one of the best Darth Maul's of his time, even with a Mundi I'd have to focus to take his Maul out. He's also by far the greatest assault player from Mr, and when he was in Gor... Was monstrously greater then any other Gor member by far in terms of skill.

He also led Wing, which like Jeff said spawned a lot of clans. He was also a leader in Mr, and then Gor. Whatever clan he was in, he helped them out to be ten times better at assault just from him being there.

He was also a good friend of mine and I really miss talking to him. He was one cool motherfucker and was very down to earth... But he did rage sometimes and it was awesome to hear it


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