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SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


I just about marked off all of the criteria on this one. It's not even a question as to if Fearless should be in the HOF. He is one of this games greatest talents. His skill is beyond measure and is truly in a league of its own. Many overlook this, but I think Fear is an amazing leader as well. He's not the most outspoken of people, but, he doesn't have to be. He leads by example. The pupils that Fearless has traine himself as well. A wonderful master to have.

This is an obvious one for me. It's a yes as far as I'm concerned. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him as both a player and a person


I consider this young man many things; a humble and willing student and learner of both this game and the lessons behind it, a true friend and almost frighteningly loyal follower, a patient teacher and headstrong, sometimes stubborn leader and someone who has earned my utmost respect.

I first met this fellow while he was more or less a peon in Gman, Spidey and Civil's clan FOG. To be completely honest, I can't recall much about him during this time. However, I do remember he was a key player in the FOG vs LSJ match, in which FOG ushered in the upset and claimed victory. As he was only a mere member at the time, I remember being impressed with his performance.

Much of the time between then and now is a blur to me, not just regarding Fearless. I do remember he was chasing Neji around for quite awhile and they were forming clans seemingly left and right. It was through these times however, that he started to break away from his shell and come out as his own, unique player.

I saw his potential and knew at once that I couldn't pass up the chance to have him as an apprentice. So, somewhere around the time of their clans, I snatched him out of that scene and took him under my wing so to speak.

Having him as a student was nothing short of a blessing. Many times before when I made efforts to undertake an apprentice, there were problems with stubbornness, pride, arrogance, poor attitudes, you name it. Fearless completely shattered those things.

The extent of his work ethic was something I really hadn't seen in anyone before. His willingness to lay aside all preconceived notions and silly feelings or thoughts gave him the ability to simply absorb everything. He took everything that most would consider a shortcoming or a failure, and flipped it around to make it a point of redemption. Nor did he dwell on negatives. There are very few people with such a mindset. He simply is the golden standard of what anyone could ask for in this game.

He has the ability to not only be reserved and mechanical, but also quite aggressive and explosive. Though I would say his focus lies somewhere in between. His composure is his greatest asset on the battlefield and, to me, is unprecedented. Nothing seems to affect him, despite what the situation may be. Perhaps it does, but it rarely, if ever, seems to show through in his gameplay. This means you have little hope of affecting him on any sort of emotional or temperamental level, which is often the source of most victories.

It is safe to say he has a large number of wins under his belt, ranging from 1v1s, to 2v2s and clan matches. As an individual, he has beaten many great players, many of which are named in these top 10 lists. As a 2v2 team, I would dare to say he and Neji are next to unbeatable. His chemistry with most is almost seamless. A huge player in any sort of group environment as he is more concerned with your protection than he is personal glory. You want him on your team, and if you can't have him then you would be wise to make him a target.

Many people attribute vVv solely to me, but you would be mistaken in doing so. Fearless has played a huge, if not the biggest role in our success as a clan. He was there when I couldn't be. Much of the time it was him leading, not I. He sacrificed his time often to share with and teach our members and to bolster our ranks. However, his greatest accomplishment to me will always be his friendship.


I think for as great as vvv was it never would have completely molded, stayed together and absolutely worked as well as it did if it wasn't for fearless. He was the glue that held it together, and I know from jog's perspective we knew he was the lynch pin to its ultimate success or failure. A very important player to vvv but also the community. I am glad I got a chance to play with him albeit only a bit in JOG. Even I learned stuff from him during his brief time here. Most worthy of being in the hall of fame!


Oh, how the student has become the master. I never would have thought when you joined FOG way back when that you'd be where you are now, sounds cliché, but it's the truth. You got hit with more lightsaber throws in that LSJ match then I have in my whole career, but we totally wouldn't have won it without you. You have been a good friend through the years, in FOG, vVv, and even that bum ass ~E~ clan we made with neji. lol You totally deserve the Hall of Fame, bro. Congratz.


Fearless, you're awesome. Though, I MUST say that you've been a HUGE pain in my ass from the very beginning of your career. As Spidey mentioned, you were a part of the FOG lineup that beat the 'unbeatable'(or so I thought. LOL) LSJ team and handed us our first loss. Then from there, you joined vVv and continued your campaign of beating me... whether it be through matches or 1on1s. Your 1on1 play has always been superb. I both hated and loved playing against you in a one one. The reason being that I loved the difficulty of our one on ones but at the same time I hated that difficulty as well. The one on one would go from being super action packed to an incredibly slow-paced 1on1 and then back to being action-packed and then again ridiculously slow paced. Though, I guess that style of play goes for all one on ones that occur between two players that are of about even skill... but yeah, you're spectacular in a one on one.

On the contrary, your group play took a while to develop. You were heavily criticized for your lackluster team play. However, you did not ignore the 'hate' and instead used it as motivation to get better. That aspect of you gained my admiration. You played an instrumental part in vVv and its success. You've been an awesome role model to many of the new era players and bestowed an enormous amount of knowledge to them. I know I learned a good bit from you at the very least. So, yeah I guess you're pretty deserving of an induction to the SWBF2 Jedi Hall of Fame.


So I guess i'll just add the perspective of a regular player that isn't one of fearless' friend on the committee.

It all started out 2 years after Fearless started playing. He started a clan which failed that I can't remember the name of. I never heard of his name before that really. I did play a game with FOG once where they were talking him up because he was improving a little. That was the only time I saw him in the game before what we all know now as vVv.

I can't even remember what happened honestly. The clan died then lived then died or never existed who knows. One of those clans. I applied once out of boredom from the game which they replied to my application although they never got back to me. I told them to cancel my application because it was a bit unprofessional how they handled it. Aside from that I barely saw the guy ever since. vVv i thought was just another one of the many clans that got created then fell apart. I think it did and then I never heard of it again after that. I do remember people talking about Blaine wearing the tag when he wasn't supposed to. That's just how these players went creating and breaking clans within a matter of weeks, making challenges then flaming about the outcomes.


I still remember the night he and his brother tried out for FOG. He was green but the nicest guy you could meet. I always had the most respect for him those days. There were some strained times after FOG, but for the most part he was one of my favorite players on this game. I loved to see what a master, as Spidey said, he became. Well deserved of the hall of fame.


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