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Devil Wing

Post by Huey Freeman on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:06 am

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Devil Wing

I think it is safe to say, when it comes to Devil, most people either love him or hate him. When I first him in FOG, we didn't like each other at all. He did not respect my abilities and probably thought I was overrated. This to me was extremely disrespectful. At the time I cared very much about people recognizing my skill. So needless to say we started off as enemies.

Sometime after FOG is when I started the original vVv with Hattori and Spidey. Devil Wing joined at this time. I think we had placed the past behind us and he had a new respect for my game which allowed us to move forward. From this point onward, he grew tremendously in his abilities and as my soon to be best friend.

Devil Wing has always struck me as the most talented player to ever play this game. I honestly believe had he mastered his temper and emotions, he would probably be the best player to play. And although he never quite reached this point, his skills were and still are undeniable.

He and I have been very good friends for a long time now. Yes we have had a few falling outs here and there, but we always forgive one another and move forward. In my opinion, if you never have some sort of dispute with someone, then chances are your relationship/friendship with that person is rather shallow to begin with. So I can honestly say the few times we have been against one another, has only proved to ultimately strengthen our friendship. Rather ironic how that happens.

If I ever started a clan, I wanted him in it. I just loved em haha. He and I could relate in so many ways regarding both this game and real life. We would talk for hours upon hours at times, staying up till the very early morning hours. There is no one else I have been able to do this with.

As an apprentice, he was both a joy and torment. A joy because he had so many things to overcome, which meant he was a challenge to teach so this meant that I could witness his growth. A torment simply because he was so incredibly arrogant at times, it would drive me mad. I was never frustrated with his gameplay, just his attitude haha. He was one stubborn and ego-driven fellow, much like myself. So we would clash from time to time as teacher and student. But overtime he made me proud. He grew into his own player and established a name for himself.

It has been so long since I have played him. It is hard to recall how exactly he played. He was a lot like me in public servers. He would pick and chose his battles, back off when he was being hunted and then move in, make the kill and move out. Very opportunistic. But he could also create his own plays as well. Very diverse. This is what made him deadly.

In those days, he was one of the top Anakins. He would almost paralyze you in fear from far away and then take you out. His heroes were great as well, but not as strong as his villains. He loved playing on the ground because it was a sort of even playing field. This was something I stressed to him in training, to use the ground more because no one else really did. Sure, they could run around, but no one used it creatively. I showed him it could become a huge advantage. So this is what he learned and he became a monster at it.

I can remember in training I would come down on the ground with my Ani while he was a Luke. I would chase him down, play so aggressively. I wanted to flip it on him, because EVERYONE as a choker just sat around capitalizing on others' misfortune much like pullers sit on rooftops or outside spawns. I wanted to show him there was another way to play, much deadlier and faster. He picked it up in no time and made it his signature style. Even better it forced him to learn a way to play heroes aside from the ever popular run around, ramp and hope for the best mindset that everyone was diseased with.

As far as accomplishments go he has done quite a bit. Yes many of his clans seemed to come and go, but he no doubt made a big difference in them. He trained players, gave them incentive to get better and kept competition going. All these things, whether directly or indirectly, helped this game keep chugging along. I don't know his complete 1v1 record but I know he has beaten many worthy adversaries over the years. As a player in a match, he was a blessing. A very hard hitter. He had the ability to carry clans in matches and many times easily outshined everyone else with his performances. He was also a very good conquest player as. An all around all star.

Love em or hate em, he is Devil Wing. And I love em.


My first run ins with devil were with jmeeey ( mr goodwrench) and chicali. Devil was an ok player at that time, more bark than bite. I know his attitude at that time made you kinda write him off as just another hothead. But in time he became more than just another hothead. His skills increased as well as his stance in the community. He had some epic blowups ad sometimes his admin skills especially back in the day were shoddy lol. BUt even from that reform came about in the abyss which I think helped the community as whole.

On a positive note when i think of devil I think of a guy that I was able to get along with pretty well over time. I remember playing the mandalorian war with him as a major contributor to it which was a lot of fun.

Devil is a character and apart of this game and an important part of this game. Drama moves this game, and devil was drama.


I know devil has a long history of greatness and pissing people off, but when you meet someone early in the game you tend to get a glimpse into the real person. I choose to remember the nights of practicing wall runs and double hopping the jog roof as the best memories if devil. Early days of fog he was a great friend.


Made an impact on the community with all of his drama. He had a talent for making a scene when it came to ANYTHING. Because of Devil Wing so many people were throwing far and that's the spark this community needs to remain alive. Drama, truth be told, keeps a lot of the players on this game around. It's funny. Lol.


Devil Wing... When I think of vVv, three players immediately come to my mind. Sinister, Fearless, and of course, Devil Wing. Wing truly likes to stick to his formula that he has crafted over the years in regards to his gameplay. I don't fault him for it either, what works, works. In my mind 2009-2010 is where Devil Wing flourished the most in terms of pure gameplay. When he is controlled, he is a deadly player

In terms of community, Devil WIng has caused a lot of drama (namely in the abyss). While a good amount of people have pegged him as a villian and sort of placed the prototypical villian mustache on him, his contribution to the community in the form of heated arguments really captured the imagination of the community as a whole.


First off I would just like to say that I hate Devil_Wing more than anyone in the enitre game by an infinite amount.

With that said...even I cannot deny his skill. When LSJ played vVv in the first 4v4 match between the two that was never finished, Devil Wing was vVv's best player, Sinister & Fearless were in that match. The only thing that stopped Devil Wing from being even better was his temper. Devil could lose his cool very easy, and because of this he was always held back.

Oh and also since he always started shit and pissed people off he kept a fire going in the game.


I've never seen someone with more raw talent than Devil_Wing. On top of that, he was a very influential figure to a lot of players. He's definitely deserving of being inducted, so my vote is yes.


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