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A great friend on this game. My first introduction to him was as the boogey which drove LSJ nuts, as they didn't know who he was. Of course this lead to a serious rivalry due to paranoia lol. I will say through any clan I was part of he was a loyal friend even though he is a giants fan Lol. A great guy all around.


Thinking back on how I met this cool cat brings a smile to my face. I believe my name at the time was Darko. I had not been playing long at all. He and I were on opposite teams in some public server. Needless to say, he kept killing me and nearly every time he did, I would provoke him over the mic. I can only imagine how goofy I sounded.

Eventually, I suppose once he had enough of my shallow taunts he called me out as well and gave me a reality check. I was taken back, did not know what to say so I think I just shut up haha. Both of us stayed home from school that day. I like to think it was fate.

Somehow or another, we ended up in I believe the locked GOR room facing off against Darkstarr and Stoner (chillest guy ever, i miss him). After our game was over, all I remember is this; I was able to muster the audacity to ask him if I could join his clan. I admired his gameplay and to my surprise, despite my many bickerings and taunts from earlier, and after he set a few things straight, he said yes. And so in the words of Hattori himself... "Hattori doused the raging fireball and so the warrior Kenshin was born!"


But little did I know, from this point forward he would be nothing short of a true friend.

I cannot even begin to imagine the many troubles I caused for Ninja and headaches I gave to him due to my ridiculous antics and arrogant mind. Yet, instead of repaying bad with bad, he always gave to me another chance. I even think at one point most of the clan wanted me gone, but he was against it. For these things I will always be grateful.

Later that year, Ninja moved to nextgen. I stayed for a while, but eventually joined SDJ. After my time there, we reunited with Kratos in early 2008 to make SS. Arguably the coolest clan I have been in for the simple fact for such a long time we clothed ourselves in mystery.

No one knew who we were. The three of us adopted aliases; me as *Fate*, Kratos as *Phobia*, and Hattori as *Supernatural*. Our server was the community hotspot, always a game going. We were shrouded in intrigue and I remember a lot of people were spiteful because of this haha. I remember at one point I had somehow gained access to JOG private forums and there was a topic about us where Barney had said something along the lines of "They are good but I have no idea who they are." haha he played in our server a lot. Anyway back on track.

This gentleman has always been right at my side on any and all fronts, always read to back me up in anything I do. Quite the jokester, in fact we relate strongly in our senses of humor, but he is perfectly capable of bringing out his serious side when necessary. Rarely short on wisdom or good advice. One of the most level headed leaders I have seen.

Without him, I probably would of just ended up another noob in the game. But for whatever reason, he gave me a chance. In fact he has given me a million chances. And even when I deserved to be cast aside, he still would be there, always willing. To this day he is still one of my best friends.


I feel like I should be closer to Hatz, but I'm just not. He joined FOG for a while and we even made Trip V with Sinister, and we rarely talked to each other during any of that time. When we did though, he was always a respectable dude. Nothing but good things to say about this guy. He had the skills, he had the mindset, and he built from the ground up one of the best clans in the game. Congratulations on your acceptance and I wish you the best in whatever you do in life. Cheers, bro.

The best rap battler ever


This guy was always level headed even when there was a serious shitstorm going on around him. Always layed back a ready to deal with clan issues in an unemotional way. For sure one of the best leaders in the game and seriously underrated as a player and clan leaders of all generations.


There are always individuals in the game that help move the game behind the scenes for the betterment of the community or clan relations or just to talk and work together. And those people are to me the statesmen of the game.

In my time during this game most of my important conversations always dealt with the leaders of clans. I didn't usually deal with lower ranking members. Of all the leaders of clans I have had to deal with that we couldn't say were allies with JOG, Hattorri was my favorite to talk with and easiest to get along with. I always trusted his thoughts and what he told me was genuine. Even in disagreements or issues between clans or friends, there was always a respect I had for him and I hope him for me. Because it seemed like when ever we dealt with any issue between clans or just in general, it always seemed to work out well. And it was always cordial and friendly.

As for a leader of a rival clan there is nothing more you can ask for.
Its players like Hattorri that makes this game work so well.

Its well deserving that he is in the Hall of fame


Me and Hattori go Waaayy Back! After LOE and NINJA were gonna merge but for some decisions we made we declined, which actually turned better for both clans. We were mostly equal for our ways of the force and the skill fighting of the lightsaber, he's been of course a big part of NINJA and still is today, also won and made part of great historic battles. He was also a good friend and well known in the community of SWBF2. He is a great team player and a hard hitting opponent! And yes as Jeff said as well, he is a NINJA for me... For you my brother, it's a YES.


i wasnt aroumd the time he was leading Ninja on swbf2 but i am currently in Ninja for ps3 so i know what kind of person and leader he is which is obviously great. Even last summer when he played he was able to ball with us new gen players and do pretty well. He is a yes for me


I unfortunately never got the chance of meeting this gent personally, or really having an extended conversation with him, but from forum hunting, post searching and such to try to grasp a hold on this games past, along with what short amount of posts I've seen from him from this generation I have to say yes.

He's one of those people I just get a..."feeling" from. He must be a great person, especially with what things I hear of him from others, whether eavesdropping or his name being mentioned for a mere 10 seconds.

-Mephiles The Dark

I'm a definite yes for Hattori. He is a simply spectacular leader. He also possessed the ability to understand ones thoughts and feelings... which served him very well on the Battlefront and as a leader. I can't tell you how many times I raged on this game as a little kid and left Ninja. Something simple like being double pulled in a server would trigger my anger to the point I'd take it out on my fellow clan mates and usually end up leaving the clan just to come back the next day. Hattori gave me so many chances, I feel like it was because he understood me. Knew why I acted the way I did. He'd calm me down when I had one of my moments. I also believe Hattori can be quite influential, which is an important ability to have. He was always a solid player.


Yes. Mentored perhaps the greatest player of all-time and was the leader of one of the best clans. On top of that, there's no other 2v2 team that me and LAK would have rather faced than that of Hattori and Sinister. Though, unfortunately that 2on2 never did happen.


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