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Post by Huey Freeman on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:50 pm

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Younes is actually a pretty solid player and one of those guys that brought a lot of fun to the game just by being around him. He's hilarious on mic, and he used to be competitive and would try to get a spark going which I like. Younes was a bit game-changing for me [during my time in vVv and a freelancer], simply because I would play this game more often just to hang around him because he was funny and made it worth getting on.


His views on quite a few things anger me, so on so forth. But he is one of those people you would want to stay active on this game just to see, even if it was a once a year thing. He helped keep the game alive simply by showing up everyday with his Kermit The Frog avatar on chats, and of course scaring people into staying on the game for fear of his abilities to piss nitroglycerin and shit landmines.

-Mephiles The Dark

Younes was always kind of the guy that worked behind the scenes, at least in my mind. I remember vividly talking to Younes about many things in the community. When things got heated between me and other people, Younes was always the guy that acted as the middle man and filled me in on how the other side felt. He has always been a great guy to talk to and helped me out with the HOF. He was a great help.

In terms of gameplay, Younes isn't nececerilly the greatest, But, it doesn't really matter, Younes instead provides that solid all around player that is ideal for a supportive role in any team he plays in. He doesn't really need to be an all star to make a difference, Younes just needs to play his all around solid game to make an impact.

The guy is a joy to the community and is a friend to most everyone in the game


younes might not have been very skilled but he was also always there when needed from his vvv clanmates. whenever you need help with something, younes is the guy you would want to go to. hes defiantly played a big role for vvv and the community. whether it was providing a server for vvv. i remember vvv server was very active with high skilled players all the time, if you wanted a challenge and get better the vvv server was the place to go, so he helped with that or his time being a leader(i might be wrong but i think i remember him beingi a leader). a great guy and friend with an awesome personality, hes someone you could always talk to. whether it be serious or just joking around talking about random stuff. you can talk to him about anything and he'll keep you interested and make you laugh. i also remember he was one of the biggest reasons why i liked being in vvv aside from it being very competitive. he would always make everyone laugh on mic and he was a guy that you just wanted to be around. everytime i saw him on chat i would always think to myself "well looks like im going to be here for awhile".


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