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I say Yes, this guy was good, he was in alot of historical clan matches that NINJA have been in.. But for what he did around the community I don't really know cause he was a behind the scenes kinda guy.. But he was intimidating ppl when he was on the front.. But he was a big part of NINJA for winning matches that's for sure, I say he's got a style just like FEARLESS.


Finalround, definately an integral player to the NINJA lineup. I don't really quite remember him for his leadership abilities, I just remember getting all tense whenever I'd face NINJA full well knowing that Finalround was going to be there. The guy was a great player during his time and a key componet to the NINJA machine


Older JOG players would know him, he was a well known free lancer and on the radar of many clans even JOG from what some have told me.

He had a habit for head hunting players such as Chicali, found sport in killing the best.

I finally got a hold of him and had him get a mic and became a mainstay in our lineup.

There weren't too many household names in Ninja, most of them are more recognized by there later clans since Ninja was their launching point ie. Neji, Sin so I figure this would be the next familiar name.

He was in most of our major battles, solid player but not truly elite. Best described as a fantastic role player


I used to talk to finalround late night in public servers all the time, and he did very well. he was a great guy to talk to, and I could tell playing with him, that he used to be a lot better then he was. I don't know everything he did in Ninja, but from just playing with him, and learning a few things from him. He was also the only Ninja player really active over the years. I don't think I know enough about him to give an unbiased answer, but if I were to choose I'd say Yes.

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Final, I played with him several times. Most of you don't remember him, because he tend to play in the NINJA server alot. And the only sites he would visit was the NINJA one. He was a hard-hitter in the field. Nonetheless it was either be head-hunted by him or head-hunting with him lol. Really cool person to talk too. A yes on my part.


I'm a yes for Finalround. Definitely in the Ninja days he was one of our star players and very good in specific roles of a clan and a team. I always remembered him as being one of the biggest players in Ninja who also helped get the ball rolling.


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