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The first and sadly only player to ever truly impress me on a profound level. I met this gentleman late night in the {Ninja} server. I believe it was late autumn of 2007. At the time, I couldn't find a challenge any longer in public servers and arrogantly, I considered myself one of the best, if not the best. That night he administered quite the reality check. I had heard a few stories about him but none of them did him justice.

Foolishly, I assumed due to my abilities in open servers that I would have little trouble. So, he and I squared off with {Ninja}Raiden being the only witness. Needless to say, he took me to school. After he 'recked me as he would say, I had Raiden leave the server and I asked Super to join SDJ. I remember he gave me praise, even though I got manhandled and he said he definitely wanted me in. Let me tell you SDJ was hell!

Talk about bootcamp and mental abuse on all kinds of levels! Nearly every player in that clan was only concerned with 2 things; themselves and impressing Super. It was sickening at times, though I can't blame them. I learned a lot there gameplay wise. It was a totally different atmosphere in the SDJ VIP. Constant competition, relentless pressure to impress Super and needless stress from the other members always on your back.

I am glad I can say I was a part of it though, even if it was brief and a lot of times maddening. Playing with Super and the others gave me so many new ingredients to play around with and form my own playstyle. A few weeks in that clan did more for my playing abilities than any server did in months. Anyway, back to Super.

This guy was unlike anyone I had played before. Cunning yet obvious, quick yet graceful. He was such a formidable individual player. His group skills were sharp as well, though I know some will disagree. Having him on your team was like having immunity in Survivor. He capitalized on the smallest of things, things you wouldn't even consider. His precision and execution were so exact, like a machine.

I was so used to people relying on group opportunities and bad situations to capitalize on - by the way I coined the term scrapfighter back in these days cause I literally despised people who played this way and wanted a label haha - but Super didn't need that. He created his own opportunities. You knew it was coming too. Kind of like being lined up and shot haha. He would force you into a corner like a wounded animal and just take you out. He was almost unforgiving in that respect. When he flipped that switch as some say, you were done for.

He was the original 1v1 specialist. I don't know his exact record, but it is leaps and bounds beyond anyone else's. His clan played a ton of matches as well, both jedi and conquest and they simply dominated both ends of the spectrum. I highly doubt there is another clan that has won or even played nearly the amount of matches SDJ did. LSJ is probably the closest, but still can't compare. (Sorry guys )

A lot of people remember him as a cocky, egotistical, jerk... but I got to know him a bit during my time in SDJ (I think this is why so many of the members started targeting me). Let me be the first to say, beneath the well known garbage, this guy was a pretty cool and chill kind of dude. No doubt full of himself at the time, but still quite capable of being a friend.


One of the most influential players of this games history


super duper for the longest time was the smartest player I ever played against. He use to only play in his 4 man room. Woooooooo eventually told me of him and that I should go see him play to see if I could get him to join jog.

So i did. I realized he was the first guy that I really played that would learn as he played. He didn't make the same mistake twice. He would make mistakes, and I would always leave the room ahead of him but it was obvious he had the talent to become a great player. So soon we got him to join jog.

However a week into JOG his ego and desire for power quickly emerged. He wanted to be on our council and thought he was better than some who sat on it. He was ( but that wasn't why some were on the council) Plus there was no way we were going to put a new member on the council. We soon learned that he tried to convince other lower ranking members to join him in a new clan. It was found out by our council and we had a open mic council meeting ( yes we use to get into a server and have open mic meetings) We decided he had to go, and so he went. He took at this time, none of our members.

He formed SDJ.

I realized SDJ was a perfect enemy for JOG. Super Duper was the perfect Sith Lord. He was an ass, made his members cry but was extremly good. So soon they got put in our holonet as our main enemy. We realized that everone needs something to point to, to define ourselves as. To make us better we promoted SDJ as a big badass clan. To us every hero needs a villian. We beat them in the super war, chicali and I beat them in a 2 vs 2 match, and I beat super in a 1 vs 1. ( which would become really the end of his pushing days)

SDJ would continue to grow, conitinue to die and never really fight us again. They always found some way out of a match with us. But they were good. We always kept an eye on who was coming and going in their clan.

But there was no doubt that super influenced this game. He was as we wanted the anti jog. And we played that so well in our holonets, that many of the clans that would come after the golden age that got their start from sdj at some point, would go on to hate us. lol

Eventually SOR and JOG worked together to basically run sdj out of the main community, which combined with many of his members moving on ended sdj.

I always respected his skill, and what he did for the game. I think the game is far less with out him and sdj as an entity. They made the game interesting and gave us countless arguments to have that always stirred the drama. There were times where we worked together (oddly enough), a time where super wanted to merge sdj and JOG, to times ultimately where they needed to go away.

But what he was able to accomplish, on an individual note, on a clan note was amazing. I really enjoyed those times of the game. Without super duper, this game for me would not have been half as interesting as it was.

and just for another kicker. . . we are both Jeff's!!!!


Greatest player of all time...


do we even have to vote? obviously yes. only person who can name a clan after himself and its not laughed at. took chokers to a whole new level.


Never played him personally but many spoke of him long after so he had legendary status long before this.


No explanation needed on Super


Probably the most unbiased vote I could possibly make... Because me and Superduper had the biggest feud between two people ever from that game. Good lord. We despised each other for an eternity. And it wasn't because we disagreed on the rules of the game. It was a feud that started with a huge double cross between two good friends in the game at one point. Yes, me and him got along quite fine for half of a year before we started our god forsaken rivalry that dwarfed the game. I might talk about what started the hate between me and him in his bio post...

But I can't deny him a yes from me. He's one of the best 5 players easily from the 1st half of the games life. ANY time I'd face him either before we both joined Jog, or when we were both in Jog (1st me, then a month later I recruited em) or when we had left Jog (1st him, then 2.5 months later when I "unofficially" left Jog)... Any time I faced him in either a 1vs1 or in his SDJ server the few times I wasn't banned from it lol: He'd ALWAYS give me a magnificent challenge. Or if he'd rarely joined a big server period, and if I just so happened to be there, he could give me an okay challenge as well. And I only say okay because Big Servers were his ONE HUGE WEAKNESS. Kinda like how my weakness was teamwork. Unless of coarse he was rusty . I'll talk more about how his rustyness at times made him look bad to some, below in a GREEN paragraph.

And THE GREATEST VILLAIN TO EVER GRACE THE BATTLEFRONT. I don't mean with the sith characters in the game, but from his personality. If you somehow got on his bad side, sometimes he didn't even have a reason to consider someone on his bad side lolol ... But if you were on his bad side, he could be meaner to you then anyone you could come across when he played the game

And he was utterly ruthless in the way he conducted himself, his clan and his play style. There was NEVER a more cold calculating merciless (when playing) individual to play the game.

Also in my opinion one of the best Darth Mauls ever. I think most people remember him as a better Anikan. But I think Maul was his best character.

ALSO, Superduper had a knack for making wierd decisions to... Like always wanting to fight people in 1vs1s if he was very rusty from not playing for at least a week before hand . He lost 1vs1s to people like Zombiethirteen... Now Zombie was good for his time but was only around 1/4 as good as Super on his A Game. But Duper would always challenge people when he was rusty and it would make him look bad lol. (Along with being not too great in big servers) Idk why he did that. Meaning challenging people to duels when he was rusty... I guess to challenge himself. I admire that about him.

I vote yes.

I guess that it really did take me this long to get over my feud with him. If this HOF would have happened like two years ago... I woudn't have voted yes.........

I guess time heals a lot of things I guess? But don't get the wrong idea . I'll never say anything ass kissing about him


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