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Post by Huey Freeman on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:41 pm

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Zarex has always been well known throughout the game. Argubally one of the best players of all time and one of the most confrontational as well. Zarex was a leader in OES and basically every clan he went to including SDJ, JOG and GJ. During his time in SDJ many have said he had the greatest Vader ever. But he is remembered for being the voice of OES.


He learned his trade with the best and turned it into a successful team of its own. OES was able to keep up with the great clans of the day even with small numbers. Not many would be capable of creating that.

Was one of the great 1v1 players when I came onto the scene, beat a lot of good people. Well deserved


He was a very good player back in the day and from what I remember of him he was a solid leader. I remember being in OES, toward the end of its era, but I can't quite remember what alias... Pizza the Hutt maybe? I don't remember, that might have been my LOE name. I remember during my time in OES though that Zarex was one of the dominating players and he was a good team leader. He was one of the best back back in the days and definitely left his mark on this game back in the day.


Obvious yes. Even when he was past his prime, his 1on1 ability was still something to be feared. Plus, he's influenced a lot of players... definitely left a big enough impact to be considered HoF worthy.


One of OES and SDJ'd top players. Zarex was one of the best 1v1ers when he was at his best. And like kratos said even when he was far out of his prime he could still be a heavy hitter. Zarex unlike alot of players who just excell at 1v1s or team play but lack in the other, could do both to a near equal level.


One of the most dynamic and feared players in the game you knew you were screwed if he was against you. He taught a lot of people and produce a class all his own. He built OES to be the super power it was when they were around.


Zarex is easily the best Oes player ever. Man I wish we could have had this guy be a committee member. He's like a history book on Swbf2 mythology. All the clans he's been in and heavily influenced, the people he's known, and to most people he even had his own unique style, but not to me lol. More of a Superduper copycat But hey he did an almost perfect job of copying Superdupers style and I think not enough people did Zarex is pretty under rated for an assault player. He was also almost like a co leader for Oes with Lord Jada. He had the respect from any clan he had ever been in and rightly so.


I think in oes he was more bark than bite, but even so he was known and an important part of its history. His real heavy hitting time in the game came when he join sdj, and really gave them solid core for moment in time. I beat him in a one vs one at that time, but his skills were very solid. He actually has spent more time in jog than any clan, and is still a member to this day. I consider the guy a good friend, evern though I don't know if we ever meshed well our styles of play in team work. But his most memorable things happened while in sdj and oes. He was a big hitter during the golden age of the game and is definantly worthy of the hall.


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