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SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


This is something I have been writing off and on for several months. Wanted to shine the light on others who played a part in me as a player and person and highlight players I feel simply deserve it.

BOJ Parallel
I imagine if not for you introducing me to the fact that this game had a community, clans, and competition, I probably would have quit playing in early 2007. You were my first friend on this game. You were also the first person to show me some tricks and give me some tips. Although I never joined BOJ due to its disbandment and we ultimately went our separate ways, I can't forget you. Thank you.

My brother. You were the first person to give me a chance, to show me mercy instead of judgment. That day we met, I deserved to be shunned, but you chose differently and gave me the first of many opportunities to come. Since then you have shown me what exemplary friendship and leadership looks like. I have a feeling that will continue for many years to come. Nothing but love and respect for you.

My ultimate gameplay idol. You were the first and sadly only player to ever leave a heavy and everlasting impression upon me from a skill standpoint. At a time when I thought I was matchless, you administered a hefty reality check. Subsequently, you planted an unquenchable desire within me to never stop challenging myself skill-wise. Fearless, Neji, and Beserk are this generation's models; Kratos and I were theirs; it's safe to say you were ours and my respect for your skills in your peak will always be out of this world.

I want to apologize to you. Perhaps others may laugh at this, but I feel it needs to be said. For a long time I did not take you seriously as an opponent and in doing so stole validity away from your skills. I am sorry. You worked hard and rose to be a premier competitor, both in jedi and conquest. I have always seen you and I, along with a select few others, as the biggest contributors to this game since 2008, funny thing is we had no idea it would turn out so haha. My utmost respect to you, as a leader, player, and influence. This game wouldn't be what it is without you.

LAK and Scarz
You two are key to the LSJ trifecta, which has played an important role in this game's history for the last few years. I know things between us have been quite conflicting at times, but I want you to know I have always admired your loyalty and dedication and what you guys have accomplished. I regard you both as part of the small pool of players I would want to play with/against in a match, be it conquest or jedi. LAK you are one of the best teammates in the game.

Spidey and GMAN
FOGs dynamic duo. I don't think either of you realize how important you two and your clan were in 2008. In fact without FOG, I am sure the game would of began its descent much sooner. You two, and of course Civil, created not only a competitive, fun, respected, and structured clan, but a community within a community. It was magic. Spidey I think you have been more vital given that you been around longer and have mounted a leadership position most of the time, whether in DJO, FOG, vVv, or GOR. Nonetheless, you both are great players, solid leaders, and two of the most influential in 2008. Thanks for beating LSJ haha.

You were like a dad to me. Beyond the surface, it is obvious that you are a good guy who truly cares about others. When most people wrote me off as an egotistical jerk, you chose to look past that, to reach out and be a friend. I was an outcast, yet you embraced me. It took awhile, but I believe I finally came around. Yes this is a virtual world, but what you did for me I will always remember. You showed me that even something as simple as just acknowledging another person can have profound effects. Thank you. And yes I did always play as your guardian angel lol.

Devil Wing
My original apprentice. I love you and see you as a brother. Thinking about all the good times we have had cracks me up. At the same time, you and I have always connected on a seriously deep level. When I trained you, let me tell you... You were not the only one who was learning. I have learned many valuable lessons, not just through teaching you, but from the mistakes we have made in our friendship. I thank you for being my friend, putting up with my crap, and for your contributions to this game. People may surface judge you, but I know the real you is not so shallow. Much love for you mayne.

JOG Jeff
We have been duking it out in-game and then coming to the computer and playing keyboard warriors for like 6 years now. I think our motives were sometimes good, but usually were just self-centered and ego/pride driven. I don't know about you, but I feel rather stupid reflecting back on it lol. In an odd way, and for what it is worth, I think I have always liked and respected you, even though I often seemed to despise you. Big respect to you as a leader and influence in your clan and this game, as well as your skills which have been able to adapt to today's playstyles.

Mystery and Zable
You two have been playing this game for quite awhile. Always in my clans, and if not, then you were elsewhere doing work. Maybe you guys weren't huge contributors in the traditional sense, but I want to recognize you both as an integral behind-the-scenes part of the community these past few years. Your presence has always been both a morale and activity booster, assets any clan would be fortunate to have. You also grant a boost to competitive prowess. Even now, when I get online, I must say it is good to see your faces. So, I simply want to say... Thanks for playing.

When we were clanmates in Ninja, to me you were just a loud mut (I was no different) haha. Then, about a year and a half later, I picked you out of GOR and you began the path to greatness. You reminded me a lot of myself when I first met Super; a top notch public player who had lots of raw talent but lacked any sort of true competitive experience. Over time you have grown, both in skill and maturity, and have also attained leadership qualities. While there has been tension between us at times and I am sure that we will always disagree on a few things, my respect for you is very real. And though we never fought it out 1v1, make no mistake, I will always consider you to be the biggest threat to me in a straight up, face to face matchup.

I don't think I saw your talent, which was first displayed in the FOG vs LSJ match, until much later after you had been mentored a bit by Neji. I can't remember how you came to be with me, but you did. Undoubtedly the most determined student I have had/seen. Every criticism and gripe I had, you flipped around and used it to improve yourself. That is a quality you rarely see and one I greatly respect. In time, you rose to become a top contender and someone to be feared in a 1v1 setting and then later in group play. Maybe we don't see eye to eye much anymore, but the respect and love I have for you will always remain.

The self-defeating entity who has been a huge contributor since the year of 2009 with his site and server, The Abyss. Let me say... you are a great player. Why you beat yourself up? I can't say for sure, but I figure there is a fundamental reason behind it. I told you before your Maul inspired me. I'm sure it has others too. Needless to say your site and server has been key in keeping this game alive as long as it has been. I would say you gotta wake up and see your worth and your ability, cause you've clearly got both. No need to droop and drag your feet when you can fly like an eagle man.

I imagine you are the most important player in GORs history. When you were a freelancer, I always wanted you to join SS. You had a very obvious talent and ability for the game. But, unknown to me, was that you also had leadership qualities. Ultimately, you chose a different path and it was probably for the best. In GOR, I can only imagine how much you aided your members in training and practices and matches. I believe you were the diamond in the rough for that clan to many players, kind of the redeeming point. No doubt one of the most skilled and diverse players the game has seen. Big respect and kudos to you.

The chance of any of you seeing this I imagine is tiny. But I need to give credit where it is due. Although this clan to me was often a hell on earth kind of deal (lol), the atmosphere and the skill and competitive nature of the members transformed me into a brand new player. I have never felt such a high and intense level of seriousness in this game as I did when I was playing in the SDJ VIP with the SDJ members. I would equate it to Navy SEAL training or something. A great, influential, hard hitting, competitive clan with a driven, masterful and charismatic leader.

I'm not even sure what spawned my disposition towards JOG so long ago, but I just want to apologize for being an idiot over the years. JOG more or less invented and popularized the jedi game, so in a way, we are all very indebted to you. I would say you are a big, but close-knit family unit who is uncompromising in your values... and although you may have your issues, you have still remained a top clan for all these years and I believe even managed to redeem those wasted years where you played, but did not compete. An intrinsic and important clan to this game's history as well as a strong contending faction nowadays.


When I first met him, I was in FOG, I was young and naive, and everyone was talking about how amazing he was over mic. I had decided to call him out on it, and said I was better, after the laughter of everyone on mic, he killed me countless times. I don't remember the details, but i'm pretty sure it led to me double pulling him... and still being killed.

After I left FOG, I ended up joining the original vVv, with Sinister obviously as the leader. Playing in vVv I really got to see how great of a player he was, and I admired, and envy'd his skill. He continued to amaze me with his talent, and knowledge of the game.

Sinister, in my opinion, made the game what it is today, and the reason why this game is still alive. Everytime he plays, he is someone to look out for, even if he hasn't played in months, he can come back to the game, and have no rust AT ALL. There's no other player like him. He is the smartest player this game has seen, and on any game for that matter.

Sinister trained many of the great jedi players that still exist to this day, even indirectly doing so. The players he didn't teach, learned from playing with or against him, and honed their skills to compete against him. There were even clans, whose whole purpose was to defeat Sinister's clan. Sinister, in a sense, created a domino effect. What I mean is, the players he trained, trained others, who trained others, who trained others, etc etc.

Clan wise, he was never in a long lasting clan, such as Jog or Gor, or even LSJ, but every clan he's ever made, or been in, has rose to the top. I wish I never left FoX, and to this day, I wear the clan tag, in an act of forgiveness to you and mephiles.

I owe my whole swbf2 career to him. Without him, I wouldn't be a player whose been inducted into the hall of fame. I'm sorry for all the times I let you down, and I'm sorry that I had too much pride to credit my skill to you. Sinister, is an amazing person on and off the game. He will always be one of my best friends. I'd just like to say thank you Sinister, thank you for helping me with my life, and giving me guidance and wisdom on and off game, and thank you for helping me with my swbf2 career.

-Devil Wing

After 2007, the game changed. The old clans had gone away and really the whole clan thing was different. The middle era of the game became more about individual skill than clan longevity. Sinister took what he learned in the olden days and went further with it. He is to me the next evolution of super duper. The ultimate sith lord of his time. During the middle era of the game his skills were the best in the game. His leadership skills at this point however were weak. But his presence was undeniable. The abyss was his greatest platform for which he was able to reach a whole new generation of players. His play style which is rooted in players of the past but has grown and was perfected by him. If he and clans like lsj were not around during that time, I am not sure the game would have been as interesting as it was. In fact I know it wasn't. VVV became one of the greatest the game has ever seen in 2010 and ruled for more than a year and half, much like JOG did during its first two years of its existence. He and I have had some interesting conversations over the years, some in which he did better in, and some I did better in. I think on the political stage I find him an equal and worthy advisary and I always enjoyed the battle. As he has aged and now is more or less retired, his maturity level has increased. As well in time my respect has increased for the man as his maturity level rosen. I am grateful for his contributions to the game and the community. A great player, the leader of the middle era of the game and his legacy is still felt today. What more can you ask for for someone to enter the hall of fame.


Sinister is undoubtedly the reason that all these new tricks of the new generation flourished. He taught many players in this game who ended up becoming great, one of them being me. Back in my GoR days... which was 2008, we hadn't talked in a good year or so, ever since Ninja moved to next gen. He saw me in a server and came under the name "Neji get on mic" or something retarded like that, lol. I got on mic with him, we exchanged AIM names, and talked on that a lot. He told me he saw my potential and he wanted me to join vVv so I can improve with the best of the best. Not being a competitive player at the time... I really had no ambition to improve and rise to the top. But this mans influential words brought me into the clan and I was getting smacked around like a rag doll by vVv members in no time. It only lasted like a week or two, and vVv was gone.

It was not long after this event that Sinister talked to me about wanting to bring back SS, one of his old clans. He also wanted to take me as his Padawan... so of course, I accepted that. We did one spar in which we tied [but were both very rusty so it didn't matter much], and that's where he told me there wasn't much he could do for me other than supply a sparring partner, which happened to be him. However Sinister told me that I should play 2 characters and 2 characters only if I wanted to master them. I watched some of his 1v1's, played with him a lot in locked/public rooms, and started to absorb what he was telling me and doing in-game. I eventually started to mold this into my own style which worked very well. Its amazing what you can learn just from watching and playing with a player. Sinister told me, "You need to get your ass kicked if you want to kick ass". To this day I still believe very strongly in that.

We did some ramp training and a saber throw training session... in which both of them helped a bit. My saber throwing was becoming more accurate and my knowledge and creativity with ramps soon improved significantly. It's not like he sat in a server with me for hours on end telling me every single thing he knew... Sinister had a way of teaching you basics that made you think and play in ways you never thought of doing. He was one of the more tactical players of this games history. Extremely smart and very creative.

I always looked up to Sinister, always wanted to beat him but could never get the 1v1 I wanted, lol. But he is one of the obstacles in this game that made me push myself so hard to rise to the top. I honestly never thought I could become so good... but I desperately wanted to rape this kid and become the best. Just being around him influenced me to go tryhard just so I don't look like some insignificant turd next to him or against him. He just had that presence that made you wanna fuck shit up... Lol.

During his competitive reign he beat just about any top level player you could name, including SuperDuper, at the very end of his career. That was all he wished to accomplish and that's when he retired. He was undefeated for a few years if memory serves me right.

However it was more than his skill that made him stand out... He had a reputation of being a little turd, especially when he got frustrated in-game. He was more known for his cocky attitude and raging than anything. But soon that came to change and he turned around and became a better person and better player. There is nobody that can deny Sinister's leadership abilities. He is a natural born leader and a very powerful entity within a clan. vVv was under his and Fearless command and was one of the most deadly forces this game has ever seen... People followed Sinister, he was a very influential person.

I had the honor of being this mans student and friend for several years on the Battlefront. Despite all of our issues and other shit that occurred over the years... I have nothing but thanks for him because it was because of Sinister I unlocked my true potential and become the incredible player that I am today. If he hadn't taken me out of GoR and had me play with the best... I would probably not have improved any further.


This guy was a serious pain in the ass. From day one he was difficult. He would come into our server and within minutes break the rules so he'd be booted. Almost immediately he'd come to the GOR site complaining where we'd tell him to make a topic. He'd do so and flame everyone or anyone he could think of then (to his credit) a day or two come back and apologize and ask that his ban be lifted. We would accept then a day or two later he'd be in the GOR server breaking the rules again and of course he'd be booted. He come back to the GOR site and the whole thing would start all over again. This went on seemingly for months. It got so bad we just simply booted him when we saw him. He'd complain but we'd explain that his credibility was shot. We no longer believed anything he said. His word simply could not be trusted. So maybe a year would go by and he'd come back talking about by gone's and we'd accept his apology and the whole thing would start yet again. Sinister came into prominence around the time the GOR server was the place to play because of its strict admin's and zero tolerance for noobs. I believe in his mind he blamed me for all the crap that was dumped his way and there is a certain degree of truth to that but in a lot of ways he is mostly responsible. At one point he was simply banned outright from anything related to GOR because he just couldn't seem to compose himself in any given situation and certainly seemed to have no respect for our rules.

But the fact of the matter is I was watching this guy get outrageously good at the game. He was/is infuriating to play against. Incredible quick decisions that you never see coming with an intense creativity that really makes you think long and hard as to what he's going to do but by that time you're dead. I've watched some of the players of this game develop over the years and there are those types of players who failure just isn't an option. I believe that his personality is one of dominance. He has to dominate in everything he does (perhaps in real life he's not like this, can't really speak to that) and overwhelm. I suppose as an immature youth such a philosophy can be incredibly difficult but nonetheless when one thrives under it, it may be well worth the effort. I believe his relentless drive may have gotten him into a lot of trouble but ultimately it has served him well in SWBF2. Undoubtedly he is the master to a large degree of the second half and new era of the game. He was on the forefront of the new tricks and new moves which dominated the landscape of the new era. This game, quite simply, would not have looked anything close to the way it does without him.

Currently because of old rivals Sinister avoids anything to do with GOR. I've been told he's matured. He has many friends at GOR who support him as a player as well as a person. Obviously Civil being one them. Good on him if this is so. For such a creative personality it'd be a shame for him not to excel and share his gifts on a larger spectrum. Needless to say his inclusion in HOF is probably one of the biggest if not THE biggest no brainers.


I would like to add I agree with everyone that sinister changed the game, but truth of the matter is I didn't play nearly as much with him as others and cant comment as deeply as others. I swear to this day when we did play together he played as my guardian angel lol. Most of our time together was away from the game.m As we aren't voting and this doesnt have to hang on the game, I will say my respect for him is way beyond this game. I have seen him grow tremendously over the years.


Obvious yes, he's the guy who stands out the most in the clan along with Fearless. Great player, always plays with some bizarre mind tricks that almost always end up working. After he kills you, you would just sit there staring at your TV screen trying to figure out what happened or how it even happened haha. Whenever you think you might have him he proves you wrong by doing some weird fancy moves. Yesssss from me.


Some people, (including myself) have called Sinister: "This generation's Superduper" at one point or another. Well, only more intelligent and less hateful of coarse... Yes he has had his fair share of haters over the years, but one cannot deny his impact on the game and on the community. Yes at times he has created drama in the game/community, but like many have said that actually helps keep the game alive. Without Sinister there'd have been no VVV, which spawned many of the best of today, and was a clan that helped the game last for nearly 7 years by being a major competitor to Jog and Lsj for dominance of the assault sector of Swbf2


90% Douchebag, 5% Charm, 4% Admiration, and 1% Beard follicles

What can you really say about the "Great Sinister"? He certainly was true to his name, on the game and in the community. Certainly made a name for himself whether good or bad it didn't matter, he could give zero fucks. Still, you can't deny, the kid had more midichlorians than mark hamill and hayden christensen combined. I don't think there's one person you could talk to that played this game and that doesn't know who Sinister is. Everyone wanted a piece of him, whether it was to dethrone him in a 1v1 or suckle upon his teet and get some of that magic, you wanted a part of him. If there ever was a person to be in the hall of fame, it would be Sinister


Most of you know how much respect I have for this individual and how truly great he was. Probably the smartest player I have ever played with he would just do things that were so elegantly simple but so effective. He was an innovator, a true original, and can be recognized as the source of much of the New School's material and playstyles. When he was on your team he was like State Farm, he was always there haha. He also brings out a certain level of seriousness from everyone who knew him when he joined a room, I've never seen a player effect a room without even spawning in. "Gaaawwwwwd Damn man" - Sinister directed towards me all the time in his WV accent haha


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