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When I joined UDN it actually took me the longest time to figure out that Chaos was actually one of the leaders. He was the only one even sort of active on battlefront at the time. I remember so much about this guy although he may not remember me that much lol. He inspired me to become the player I am now. I remember seeing his so called "Chaos Combo" and after that I've always used it just for kicks. When I joined he started to get on the chat and along with Rabbit we hit off some kind of strange competitive trio. Every single time I'd play with him in public jedi he'd put everybody down. I remember the time he explained the one hit aerial to me. Probably the most unique explanation I"ve heard of it.

He then came up with the idea of another Luke War where he just released some kind of TK monster barely losing to Trelum. Around this time I decided to go for a PS3. I started to talk a ton with the UDN members over AIM chat. I'd talk with Chaos almost every single night in a joint session with Maverick or Crim. It was then that the game Lord of the Rings Conquest came out. Badaz also bought the game and we started tearing it up. We had a really good thing going. Honestly I thought he was a great friend who I looked up to a lot.

Unfortunately tho when the whole ban thing happened and I made up the alias of a girl... I hit a hard spot. Probably one I'll regret forever since it destroyed me on a lot of levels. What seemed innocent to me at the time was not funny to anybody afterward. It's the only time I've ever seen Chaos actually get angry to a point of constant flaming. Usually he was the one to tell me to back down from those situations. The last message I saw from him and I thought honestly forever was on the JOG site and it was kind of discouraging. He told JOG not to accept me I believe.

Things are different now haha, but I'll always remember the good side of Chaos.


Well, most of you new timers don't really know the REAL chaos from back in the day, so if you don't know him from back then (2005-2008) Then please do not even vote for him. Thanks.

Chaos lead UDN during its smooth and rocky times, not only was he a good leader but a terrific player in his prime as well. He was one of the man pieces in UDN. He fought and beat many great players in 1v1's both new and old including Bill, Zarex, and Devil Wing. Chaos was the first to introduce and organize games to the community such as the oh so famous, LUKE WAR!! After Chaos brought the idea up, everyone started bringing up games such as Vader war, Maul war, Yoda war etc. Chaos is kind of forgotten in this new generation as are other great players like Super Duper, Sentinel, Badazz, Trelum etc etc, he was a great player, leader and sparked a lot of competition with the Luke war that he brought up and the wars to come after because of him. I think Chaos should be recognized for what he had done for UDN and the community.


I vote yes for this joker, always thinking of new and intuitive ideas to keep the community active. Big part of UDN. Great player, good guy. HoF material.


Chaos in his time was a top player. He could hang and play with his best. Huge part of UDN as a starter in matches and leadership. Plus hes chaos..


Chaos is the only person i can think of that went from full time freelancer to clan leader overnight. Always a great player and a great friend, not all that smart tho
Chaos is a true innovator, his most recent contribution is being a co-founder of men's chat


This guy had some real guts in public servers, very aggressive, in your face playstyle. However, from the one match I played him in, I was very unimpressed. It was he, Demo and Rabbit against Kratos, Hattori and I. Yes we smashed them, but if my memory serves me correctly, Chaos performed the worst of the 3. I personally feel that if he didn't have a more distinct aggressive playstyle, that he wouldn't be hyped as much.

His skill alone is not enough in my book, but coupled with his community contributions it is.


I remember him always big on the luke wars which at one point everyone loved to do. He had solid skill and was well known in the community and as a leader of udn which was a bigger clan in the second half of 2007


Now before I say anything, I'm not gloating or tooting my own horn But rather putting something in perspective. But back in the day I was the master of 1vs1s. My record stands at 130-0. I beat 90% of the top 10 or 15% or so of players of 2005-2008. Anyways when I challenged Chaos he had no idea of my distinguishments in duels, yes he knew my reputation of being one of the best... But all I told him about my duel rec was "yea i beat a couple people, nothing special" lol. And I remember him saying he either hadn't done any 1vs1s or not many or something.

Anyways, so I challenged em because he stood out as someone who'd give me a challenge and boy did he do just that. The few times I faced em he never beat me but he showed an ability to adapt to a situation that was nuts. I remember after killing him a few times he'd all the sudden like understand what he was up against and turn into a different person who could put up a good fight. He could also take it to anyone in a big server as well.

Also Chaos was an integral part of Udn and one of its leaders. And during the clan's time on the Battlefront, he was one its best players.


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