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Post by Huey Freeman on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:00 pm

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


Don't know him, don't vote. Superman was the 3rd leader of OES and the most loyal. Superman was another member known throughout the game for his skill and his attitude that him and zarex passed along to many oes members. Superman was one of the few at the time that used Mace Windu masterfully. He was in SDJ for a short time but left because it wasn't OES, even after oes closed he still wore the tag with honor and to this day remains loyal to the clan he loved.


I can't see anyway Superman doesn't make the HoF. OES was one of those elite clans right there with JOG,SDJ and SOR. Superman was one of the leaders and biggest parts of OES. He was always one of there top players and created an enviroment for newer OES palyers to feel welcomed. He trained 3 people that are currently in the HoF in Me,Scarz, & Bill(well soon to be). Superman was also in SDJ on and off (just like most OES players lol) and was one of there best players aswell. Superman played many of the games top players and either beat them or lost by a small amount. I just don't see how you can say no to such an accomplished player.


His name describes him as he is, I never thought Superman was that type to detroy somebody, he was good at 1v1's. But I saw him more as a team player and also did a great job training the players that he had under his wing. Big part of the OES clan.


He is an old school player. His skills fit that time period of the game. And during that time period he was well respected as a solid heavy hitter in the game. He was well respected for that. He was a major member of one of the bigger clans of that time period. I wouldn't say he is a first ballot hall of famer, but he was well known and had the skills to hold his own against just about everyone. I would say yes.


When I think of OES: Bill, Lordjada, Superman... Superman was a great player during his day, definately a hard hitter for his lineup. Also trained three HOF'ers (as LAK pointed out). Perhaps he sputtered out a bit towards the end, but, I think his peak outglows any misgivings he had later


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