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Post by Huey Freeman on Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:58 am

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Has been a Master of GOR almost since it's creation 5-6 years ago. Always headstrong and thinking what's best for everybody. A capable player, no doubt, although I think his strongest asset would be his undying devotion to keeping this game active. To this day he still gets on week after week to set up practices and scrims whichever way he can. An outstanding leader, a good player and a stand-up guy.



This man is in my eyes one of the most mature people to ever play the game. He's one of the most level headed old men I ever came across. This guy was like a man amongst boys in the game. I'm 25 next month but I felt like a little whelp next to Jiffey as far as how he's conducted himself.

Jif was one of the early Gor leaders and I bet you that whether Gor would have lasted until after this point in time or failed to exist until 2012... Its mainly due to Jif being a leader of Gor. I seriously doubt any clan can prosper so greatly for so long without some sort of super awesome leader And Gor has just that in the form of this man.

Now I know this guy got on a lot of people's bad side... But he was always good to me.


I vote yes too. He was always the one I enjoyed most talking to in GOR. He is by far the backbone of GOR, a clan that has been around active since 2007 I believe. One of the reasons I thought JOG could come back and play even if for just fun in 2008 was seeing that gor had been able to recruit and recruit heavily showing me at least that the game had not died. And this guy was a major part of it.


In terms of skill, yes, many of you here are right, he was just solid. These are one of those nominees though where I feel other facets outweigh his weaknesses. The guy is an amzing leader. Whether you guys like his leadership style or not doesn't really matter. GOR has been afloat for nigh on 5 years or so now. Jif has been apart of all major GOR events with the community as well. While I think Tyrlan is sort of taking over Jif's position in a lot of respects, JIF has been and always will be the backbone of GOR.


Jif and I had our battles and arguments back in the day, but he was always a level headed guy around me. A great leader in my eyes and a true competitor. I had the pleasure of going up against him in some matches and he always made things interesting.


I still stand by most of what I said before, however after reading others thoughts and Tyrlan's as well, I feel as though I am robbing him of something he deserves. Maybe GOR did not leave a dominating mark, but as has been pointed out, they offered other clans a chance to compete all the time and their doors have always been open for players to come in. Personally, I do not think Jif is an amazing leader, more like stubborn leader, and in my opinion, he has probably turned more people off from GOR than he has brought to it. But, I suppose under his leadership, GOR was essential to the game in a unique way. A lot of clans would of got bored without em.


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