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I always remember Bill being a higher tier player back in the days and one of the guys in UDN/OES that stood out for his loyalty, leadership abilities, and his undying patience. His skill with saber throwing was phenomenal. I always respected his leadership abilities and the push he gave the clan that he was in.


Bill was a huge part of why OES was in the elite tier of clans with JOG & SDJ. Bill was one of the biggest reasons UDN became so succsussful and powerful. With Bills cool and calm attitude he was able to lead both OES and UDN up the ranks to become some of the most well known clans ever for Jedi. He wasn't just a good leader though, Bill was a star in each teams lineups and brought OES and UDN to victory after victory. I really don't know what else to say except this guy could just play the game.


Bill for me was a chestboard! I had to watch myself where i'd move my pawns... With his incredible skill in patience, for me I just had to go for him when neither would attack, but he would get me in the end with his crazy Arial attacks.. lol Big part o teamplay in clan matches, and always full of potentiel, he never really down graded. For that it's a Yes Bill Nye The Jedi Guy!


I say yes. Bill always stood out as a great tactical player knowing always when to strike and how to strike. Patient t and resourceful never rushed always scoped out the battle before making his move. He was one of the better talents for OES and definitely deserves to be in the HOF.


Yes, always a challenging player to face. Always had the highest amount of respect and sportsmanship through winning or losing. Great leader, great guy, HoFer.


Bill has been one of the few old timers that i have seen be able to play with the new generation players. He has a great personality and has an impact from the past clans based on what i have heard and read from different sites. Hilly Billy gets a Yes from me.


He is much deserving. He and jada were the leaders of oes, at least to the public eye he was. He was always very smart and skilled player. And the fact he was able to take his talents to udn, another solid clan of the mid to late 2007 era I would say he is a lock for the hall.


Bill is DA SHIET. Very good player, awesome teammate, very competitive and a great leader. During his time in UDN, there was a point where i was dealing with personal problems and had to be away. Bill stepped up and helped Vader and ZZ


i had the privilege to play with some of the old school guys for awhile. even with the time i played with them i would see them get their butt handed to them over and over again. they just could not adjust, but bill has been one out of the very few that ive seen come back and still hang with us new school guys and hold his own pretty well so i can believe when u guys say that he was top 10 material


Well a lot of people who've had any sort of influence on the game/community and especially those who've been around forever might tend to... Develop this sort of huge ego and get all of full of themselves. (not everyone like that is like that lol) But Bill never drove down that path, despite being around for half a decade+ He's always stayed the same. He started out as a humble kid (not panzy humble but respectable humble) who was polite and would be highly unlikely to get in some dumb dick measuring contest. And is now the same type of dude but only an... Adult.

Yes he's learned a lot over the years from people like Jeff/Lord Jada/Nerd Vader. But he's still that same smart respectable dude. And good lord almighty don't get the wrong idea about me using the word humble, this dude will ban your ass if you step out of line Bill is not the kind of person to let you walk over either him or his clan mates

And yep he's one intelligent individual, and a great unofficial co leader to any of the leaders of the clans he's been in of coarse. Just not being a horse's ass will not get you everywhere Like Donney mah boy stated perfectly Bill approaches everything like some sort of master chess player plays his board games. He's very "aware" of the game, what goes on in his clan, what goes on in other clans, etc.

Bill has always been and always will be someone who if you earn his respect, that you can always trust to be a great ally/friend and trust to help hold your clan together as well.


Last notice post!!!!!!!! Don’t lock yet! I have to say something about this guy!
OMG Do I remember those saber throws. Bill was one of the first ones I remember who began those saber throws. Patiently waiting… making me wait to the point where I would lose my patience throwing me off my game and making me rework an attack plan. Therefore getting me killed in the end LOL. Not only that But Him and Mavrick ran things while I faded away from the PS2/3 life.
Bill not only ran UDN back in the day, he is also an important part of JOG.


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