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Wooooooooo was one of the best during his time. He beat just about every major player in a 1 vs 1 during that time. His style of play with ki adi mundi was unique and different than anyone had done at that time. I believe his 1 vs 1 record was something like 130 and 0. He was extremely solid all around player, with his villians skills a match for anyone in the game durign his time. He played for jOG in 2006 and was a key componant as to why jog and dsa went to war. DSA didn't want him in the match and had told them they don't get to choose who plays for us. . . it would eventually turn into a big clan trying to tell a smaller younger clan what to do and we weren't going to stand for it. He apprentice bookofthel78 who would go to be a great player as well. Woooooooo was one of those elements in the game that just made the game so rich and interesting in the golden age.


I'm on the fence, before coming to this site all I had heard about Woo was that he was just an asshole pretty much. But after coming on here and seeing him for myself, I don't see why he's that bad. He is overly opinionated sometimes, yes, but he means well. He was one of the best pullers back in the day, and while I don't think that is the most difficult thing to do, there is something to be said to be known to be one of the best pullers out of the millions of pullers out there.

ANyways, that was a terrible post for grammar cause i dont have time to correct it, but I vote Yes.


I remember being in the JOG Cantina server watching Woooo go 113 to 0 with mundi which was amazing. I don't think that score was ever topped by anybody else. Woooo wasn't just a great puller he had a great Luke as well. I would say his luke was one of the top 5 best of all time. On the Villians he was also great as well. His Anikan was one of the best of it's time. He was so sneaky with him. One minute he was there in front and you would lose him and you were choked out of nowhere. If i could vote it would be yes.


One of the best of his time, that right there is more than enough for the HoF in my eyes.


Woooooo from what I remember, he used to go hunt me down in my own server. Was the sneakiest guy I ever saw.
Woooo I still remember you tea bagging me you bastard! I guess you were doing it to prove you could kill the guy who had the server LOL
Aside from having the best kiadi M, he also had one of the best anakins. In public servers, he would avg high 60 kills 3 deaths. One of the first guys I ever saw choke, sprint while choking with anakin when the game was really young. Definatly a HOF here.


Looking back on the old days... [Nache]Wooooooo was always one of those names I feared in servers. His Anakin was literally unkillable. Me and 2 other teammates would be up his ass trying to push/pull the living piss out of him and he'd find a way to take all of us down. In large rooms he played an aggressive Anakin... most players at that time just ran away like little girls to get good scores, but Woooooo was one of the only people that could get incredible scores playing aggressively.

His Ki-Adi-Mundi was not a campy one like most pullers. He actually stood out because you could tell he was a skilled puller. He played logically and got into your head and capitalized every mistake you made. He was a wonderful punisher with his Mundi, his Luke, and definitely his Anakin. He was ridiculously skilled individually, though from what I saw lacked a bit of teamwork. I know for a fact most of his 1v1's back in the days, pulling was banned. So it was just his Luke and his Anakin shitting all over people.

In my honest opinion, Woo was the best individual of that generation, hands down.


What jedi player has not herd of woo? The guy is a legend and always one of the best jedi players there was. I didnt see him in very many clan battles but his impact on me was great.


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