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Post by Huey Freeman on Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:49 am

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


Jeff wasn't someone I knew well but a true leader. I could talk with him and even disagree with him at times but it was always cordial. I wish our own government could work that way. One of the people I respected the most in person on this game.


We should all not post anything because Jeff is THAT amazing of a person. No amount of words can fill how much respect and all that good stuff we have for Jeff.

I must also add something very important about Jeff.

He is THE best Jedi player in SWBF2 for PS2 of ALL-TIME! Sure, he may not be able to beat some of the current players in 1v1's, but the fact that he won't get dominated and will only lose by a couple when he was been playing since the game came out and that he does not have as much time to play as most people do, I find him worthy of the best player. Also, you see that score board on the top of the game? You might as well take a picture of it because good luck trying to get it any higher when Jeff is on the other team. Best teammate I have EVER had, and I hate him when he's on the other team lol. Not only is he the best player skill-wise, but of course, to me and many, many others, he is the father of this amazing game that has brought once regular gamers into brothers, regardless of what tag we wear. We are all united as brother, and our father is Jeff. He has helped me in so many ways, but mainly outside of the game. If any of you remember TBO TUB, thank Jeff for evolving him into myself, even though many of you still consider me as a TUB lol. Thank you Jeff, you are the best!


For the longest time, I saw Jeff as my arch nemesis when it came to political influence. Many times his words and logic would frustrate me infinitely. But the truth is, I am grateful for his opposition. In ways he served to humanize me and give me necessary reality checks; things that, though not obvious at the time, I desperately needed. Reflecting back on the past, not just my keyboard wars with Jeff, I have to laugh and simply be thankful I was able to learn through it.

I have nothing but respect for his leadership in JOG. It is its own legacy, and honestly, speaks for itself. What he is like personally is beyond my knowledge. He has always seemed to maintain a fatherly sort of status, so hard to make a real judgment. I am sure though that he is a good guy who means well, someone I undoubtedly often misunderstood. I figure he sees me in a similar light. His skills on the game have truly stood the test of time. One of the very few old players who can still keep up with things today. Although, much like Isac I cannot say I am necessarily fond of his play-style, I will say I do respect it and consider him a worthy opponent. . . and definitely worthy of the hall of fame.


There is much I can write about Jeff... But I feel, I don't really need to. The best leader I have ever come across, still mentioned in top ten's after playing for seven years, and a guiding light for this clan and this community... A legend in all respects. This one is as easy as adding one plus one.


This may come as a surprise, but I just really don't know Jeff all that well, never really was ever in contact with JOG much before this whole HoF thing. And while I don't think he is the second coming of jesus christ like some of you Jog people make him out to be, I do recognize his talents and leadership qualities even through the little I have seen of him. Smart player and smart leader. Backbone of JOG.


Honestly we should even have a vote for Jeff he should be in here automatically. Jeff was the best player I ever played against on SWBF2.


I'm tired and about to pass out so I'll make this quick since it will prob get locked soon. Jeff is quite simply the greatest swbf2 player ever. He's the most mature wise person/player I ever met from the game . He is the most respected person to EVER play the game.

ALSO, he is the ONLY PERSON TO CONSISTENTLY BE ONE OF THE TOP DOZEN PLAYERS from November 2005 to Summer 2012. NO ONE, else can come even remotely close to saying that!

In a sort of way, he is in my opinion the GREATEST assault player of ALL TIME He is also an awesome leader to Jog and we all love him as our leader.


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