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Lol I used to hate this guy way back in the day, and vice versa Me and Deity had this huge epic feud over a couple months and all we'd do was just... Team kill and head hunt each other like mad But since he's joined Jog he's became one of the most respected influential members in the clan's 6 year history. And yes we get along just fine these days btw lol. He's one rad cat, as I say . And also one of the very few fellow joggers over the years that I looked up to, like an elder to me

He was also an important part of Afh and one of its better players. As far as his skill goes, he wasn't one of the very best but was easily way above average. He also had on of the best Yoda's of his time.


AFH was a solid group of players that lasted a decent time. Deity was definitely one of their heavy hitters and the success he had in a leadership role there, he was able to duplicate in JOG. That deserves commending

-Masta Hattorri

Big impact on the game during the AFH years in terms of skill and leadership. He continues to this very day to be a leader in jog. Always able to approach this guy with clan feuds and have them resolved. Very important to the history of the game.


He was a main stay in afh, then joined jog. When he came to jog he took cleans spot in our main lineup for matches. He was a solid voice of reason here at jog. He also was one of our voices in disputes we had with outside clans, making him well known, and sometimes not very liked by outside members. However behind the scenes he worked tirelessly with members form outside of this clan. Where I couldn't be he was there.

He was also I believe the first player to understand how to use a back slash correctly, obviously this was discovered a long time ago. He was always a solid player and in his time a heavy hitter. JOG felt comfortable enough to put him in the top 5 of our lineup when he came here, and at that time we were a very deep clan talent wise.


Definite yes for Deity, a legend, and a truly good player back in the day.


Deity... Man there is so much to say about this guy.

Great public server/clan battle player. I have never seen him do 1v1's and he was never one for them.

One of the most loyal clan mates in the game. Never any drama. I met him under his first name. Which I will not mention because he uses it to this day.
Played him and the AFH gang a lot. He shot up on my list when he joined AFH. Because he was one the in your face players. If he was in a room with good players, he would kill the others with ease and hunt down the competition. We had some really good open server matches when we were on different teams. I was going for a perfect score with zero deaths, then Deity joined the server, and killed me 4 times flat before I could get another kill.

I would rank him right up there with the best of all time IF he had taken the time to practice his 1v1s.

But definitely worthy of the Hall of Fame. I would say he was a huge reason AFH became as good as it was.


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