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Before the start of clans, there was one player that every one knew was the toughest out in a game. His name was Washington. Everyone in 2006 knew who he was and how good he was. His abilities would go on to inspire players such as wooooooooo, clean, even myself.

Great player, was the for runner of many greats.


Washington was the original GREAT jedi player. No1 came before him, he started it. Yet still to this day he makes top 10 lists of kid's who know nothing but his name and legend.


Yes, everyone knows who washington is even when they have never played with him. His legend still lives on as being the first great player.


In the pantheon of greats (skill wise) when this game first started. An amazing player that all clans would have liked to have


Hmmmm I wanted to make this vote for Washington A LOT MORE insightful. But I'm afraid this will be closed soon. So I needa post this before I go to bed like right now...

But long story short, Washington was GOD at Star Wars Battle Front 2 Assault. During the 1st 1.5 years the game was out, he was easily the single best player. Even skilled players like myself/Mr Clean/Superduper looked like noobs when compared to and when we fought Washington.

I remember me/Clean/Superduper/Jeff/Chicali when we were all in Jogin Summer 2006 and all the same team, trying to ALL team up on Washington who was on the opposing team. Well, he continously killed us and would rarely die against us and he squashed us all like bugs. He easily trashed and destroyed the single best (at the time) assault clan's best players by himself without breaking a sweat lol.

Also, yes like others have stated I do have a 1vs1 record of 130-0 official 1vs1s. And also beat a lot of the greats of my time. A list of some of the names I beat are:

mr clean
crazy foo
mr good wrench/jmeey
lord bubba
mr barney
rand talor
Oh Yea
SDJ Mr.Joker
Lord Jada
all too easy
Sor shredder

BUT, I never fought or beat Washington in a 1vs1. Despite beating all of those names, I was STILL TOO SCARED SHITLESS to face him since I was sure he'd beat me and I was always obsessed with not losing a 1vs1. Also, I could tell he'd beat me when he played cuz there were many times that ther'd just be the two of us in a big server and we'd spar. And he'd kick my ass non stop most of the time in like unofficial 1vs1s.

FINALLY, when in Spring 2007 when I felt like I was on his level and could go toe to toe with him in a 1vs1... I could never find the chance to challenge him. And he quit sometime in Spring-Summer 2007.

ALSO, Hobbo Fett has said before that he used the name Washington at one point, but it wasn't for that long. Hobo wasn't the Washington I'm talking about. Hobo used the name for like a few weeks and was a little kid. While Washington was like a 40 something year old guy. I would know because I talked to Washington a lot over the mic. And he didn't sound like a little kid like Hobbo was at the time. Plus Washington was 10000 times better then Hobo, no offense to Hobo Fett


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