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Post by Huey Freeman on Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:34 am

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


He was by far the most famous of all the free lancers, ever in this game. He played the game the right way and was solid in skill. He never joined a clan but every clan wanted him. Even today his name does get mentioned with honor and respect.


This guys was one of the best of his time that wasn't in a clan. I vote yes.


2nd best freelancer of his time, only behind the godly Washington. His Luke and Anikan were almost as good as mine and Mr Clean's Lukes/Anikans. He was also about as good with Aayla as Mr Clean was. This guy was VERY skilled for his time and was easily one of the top dozen elite players of his time.

He was also a very good spar partner. We had many unofficial 1vs1s that helped us both improve greatly. Partly since both our favorite best characters were basically the same: Anikan/Luke and a puller as well. His was Aayla, mine was Mundi.


Lol i remember mantle as the only guy not wearing a tag that was kicking my ass every night when i was training. Guy was really good, like you said probally the best freelancer. And unlike the noob filled servers u knew with Mantle on the other team, it was going to be a good game


Perhaps the best freelancer to pick up a lightsaber. A guy that every clan wanted to have on the team... A remarkably skilled player as well


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