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Mr. Joker

Post by Huey Freeman on Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:27 am

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Mr. Joker

One of SDJ's top players...He was around FEARs skill level if not better.


i say yes for Joker. when people say SDJ u automatically think superduper and fear. But SDJ always had great members besides those 2, Joker was their best supporting member for a long time. Very underrated.


FUCK YES. Joker had a beast ass way of playing. Way better than Fear, and although ppl don't know much about him. He is a big threat to anybody. I would say probably better than SuperDuper. All hands up on my vote.


Mr Joker is tied with Washington and Jeff for best Count Dooku ever. And like most SDJ members, skilled somewhat with most the sith. Joker was also the 2nd best SDJ player. When I beat him in a 1vs1, he put up such a hard fight that shocked the hell out of me. He's one of only 3 people to ever have made me actually have to try... To kill a Count Dooku when I was being Ki Adi Mundi when I played the game often for the 1st 3 years it was out.


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