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He was basically their leader of the there assault team. DSA was perhaps the best ran clan ever in this game. Their roots are derived from swbf1. They controlled many servers in 2006 and 2007. DSA Jedi server was the main server in early 2006 of all the assault world. JOG knew if it was to make its name for itself it would have to go after DSA. So thats what we did first. Tomahawk beat jog orion in a no force match to determine who would get to be heroes first. At that time villians were nearly as good as they are now. He had great presence in the community.


I always remember Tomahawk as being a solid player and he had a lot of control in the community. He was one of those players that stood out.


Tomahawk was BY FAR DSA's best assault player. He really was the only Dsa member who could bring it to the likes of me/Clean/Superduper/Jeff/Chicali during the JOG/DSA war of summer 2006. He was also a good friend of mine who I keep in touch with to this day.

He was one of the elite 10 or so of his time.


in many ways DSA started assault with Tomahawk being their leader into the unknown jedi assault mode. He was one of the first generation's best players and lead the clan that started it all.


I vote yes, in a way he embodies what DSA was about and thats where a lot of new players started out back then, in the DSA server it was like the Abyss of nowadays. Was for me anyways.


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