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Mr. Barney

Post by Huey Freeman on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:40 pm

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Mr. Barney

Mr. Barney, he was the first guy on the game that i took seriously and was amazed by. I remember seeing him in the JOG server the very first time I played him, and he was playing along side Jeff and Zarex and a few other JOG players. Mr. Barney beat the crap out of me, and it seemed like he wasn't even trying. I thought he was hacking or something at first when I didn't know anything about the game lol but he was really that good. I don't know Mr.Barney character since I was clanless and not involved in the community when I used to play with him, but to everyone it seems like he was a pretty calm/ chill guy which is always a major plus!


Barney earned my respect early on for keeping his mouth shut and just letting his gameplay speak for itself. He used to frustrate me back when I was new to the game. Had one of the best lukes in thise days.


Like Sinister said, he was a hard hitter and a standout talent. Frustrated me to no end when I went up against him. Very patient player, yet very aggressive at the same time. He knew how to time his moments and pick his spots. Learned a lot from just watching him play.


This guy was the terror of the open server for years. He come into the server and say nothing and absolutely dominate. He was a heavy hitter in jog back in the day. Definite yes


One of the best Joggers during his time in the clan, and one of the best players during his time period. He wasn't one of the elite ten players of his time, but he was pretty DAMN close. He had one of the best Lukes ever. And also one of the best Vaders as well.

Chicali was also good with those 2 characters, and although many might think a non rusty Chicali (Meaing Chicali not just coming back from a 2-4 week break) was better then Barney ten fold with Luke or Vader... But Barney was 100% as good as a non rusty Chicali's Luke; and 99% as good as Vader as a non rusty Chicali was.


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