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During the golden age of this game there was one lineup in which everyone knew was the best, Chicali, Clean, Frantic, Rand Talor and myself. He was just a great player during this time period. Everyone knew who he was. He had many memorable arguments with clans like swa and dsa. ( His rivalry with swa mace windu is one of legend) he fought in every major war of that era. He helped co found the nation of jog with me during the jog civil war of 2009. Even lsj was impressed by his skills when he came back to the game briefly in 2008. He played in many matches and won them all.

He also help create the first list of IPs in our jia section that we were able to share with others in the community to help track down a lot of the alias, no name glicthers, and ura'ers that infiltrated clans and was a major part of the game at that time.


When I think of JOGs best players i think of the big three ( Jeff,Chicali,Clean) and then I think Frantic. He's one of JOGs true elites.


Frantic was real good, one of the real old schoolers to inspire me to become competitive.


Definitely one of the game's top 5% of players skill wise when he played. And also a very effective and respected semi leader behind Jeff/Chicali to Jog during his time in the clan. I'm not sure who his best hero was, but he was an all around good hero user. Also, he was one of the very best Vaders of his time. He was one of the top 5 or so Vaders of his time and was on the level of Chicali's Darth Vader when Chicali was on the top of his game.

In fact, his Vader was so good that when I faced Frantic in a 1vs1... I had to come up with an entirely new strategy vs Vaders then I had ever used before just to take him down. Sadly he left the clan a while back and will always be missed.


anyways... I remember me and Frantic comming up the ladders together as apprentices. We 1 v1 a lot during those times to get ready for our tryouts and we used to talk a lot on the mic. Was a good guy. Eventually we kinda lost contact over time. Frantic was an outstanding anakin. Sneaky and hard to kill.


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