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SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


Zombiethirteen was the first real media star of the game. He was JOG's first jedi knight, after he defeated super duper. He was a great player during his time. He lead our forces against sdj in the super war. His on again, off again relationship with super duper is one of legend and lore. He was the instrumental part of the the super plan of 2006, a scheme that was to take away many of our members, and merge them with sdj. A plan that backfired. He eventually became enemy number one here at JOG because of this. He settled with mr and from there infiltrated a jog raptor battle under dsa disguises. Which started the JOG war, in which every major clan of that time fought in ( which even saw sdj and jog on the same side in). After that he eventually settled with afh and played productively there for a time, with out a lot of the commotion he had caused in 2006.


Whenever i look back at the history of SW jedi it seems like Zombie was in the middle of everything epic. Zombie was also one of the first players to seperate himself from the pack and make a name for himself.


Made a name for himself, became an old school legend.


Though I personally think he was over rated lol, but he was still easily one of the top players of his time. His popularity made people think of him as like the Chuck Norris of Swbf2. And combined with his charisma and charm he was able to convince everyone he was the god of assault... And he liked to convince people that he was ten times better then he actually was

He was also in the middle of a lot of drama and important events that went down.


In that period of time its hard to talk about an event, top clans or top players without mentioning zombie. Always a real threat where ever he went


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