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Rand Taylor

Post by Huey Freeman on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:26 pm

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee

Rand Taylor

This will be the final nomination from JOG. We had a bunch so we tried to spread them out as best as possible.

In the golden age of the game as I stated before there was a top 5 team that you dare not go against, much like vvv had at one point. Rand Talor was on that team. He was a truly skill player, one of the games best. He played in more matches than any jog member besides myself during that era. He was well respected for his skill. In many of 2 vs 2 the other team would simply stop the server to stop the beating they were receiving.

He was the first best obi sprint attack in the game. His skills will anakin rivaled that of best of the game.

Trustworthy, loyal, respectful. . . rand talor was a class act and great player during this games golden age!!!


Rand Talor is the 5th main guy I think of when i think JOG. I don't think anything should be said really except yes.


Yes, great player and great guy. Nothing more needs to be said.


One of Jog's greatest players when he was in it. He was one of the very best pushers of his time. He was as good a Maul or damn close as good as guy's like Superduper, Lord Bubba, Fear, etc with Darth Maul. He was also tied with Jeff for the best Obiwan when Rand Talor played. Sometimes he even seemed like a better Obiwan then Jeff...

He would always give me a good challenge and he was one of my biggest friendly rivals from the game. I miss the endless hours I'd talk to him on the mic... I miss when we'd both be on the same team countless times and would always compete against each other as to who could get the better score. And I miss playing him in around a HUNDRED spars (unofficial 1vs1s). He really helped me become a lot better with pushers because I'd try to copy his style of Obiwan and actually became pretty good withem simply from copying the way Rand Talor would handle things on the battlefront with Obi. But I liked Luke better though since he was more mobile and more hard hitting in my opinion. But still, without Rand Talor I probably would never have learned how to become as good as I became with pushers/Luke Skywalker.

I vote yes. Though I think my vote isn't legit since he's an ex Jogger.


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