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Oscar as he was known in jog, but eventually becoming sentinel, was really the games first explosive aggressive player in the game. At a time in which players were more patient with their attacks, he wasn't. The thing with him was, he accurate with his aggressive style more often than not. I know he was a main stay on the sor forums as a free lancer after the 2007 jog civil war. The reason why I put him here is truly more so because he was the forerunner of what you see today. He didn't know all the tricks that players know today, but he was the beginning of it all.


I say yes, he influenced many that I know including me. I would not have been in UDN if it were not for him, he vouched for me and got me a second chance and lifted my ban. I learned alot off his agressive style, he was a great player during his time and an awesome community guy


I remember playing with sentinel quite a bit when he was a free lancer. He spent alot of his time playing in the OES and SDJ servers. I considered him a good friend, and I was always impressed by his skill. With that said, when it comes to my memory and whenever I talked to Clean and other great players from the era about sentinel he never seemed like an irreplaceable piece of the JOG puzzle. JOG can cast quite a big shadow people & I think sentinel would be considered an easy HoFer if he was in another clan. I remember SDJ and OES both trying to recruit him alot though & thinking they would be OP with him in the lineup.


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