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Book is a easy yes for me. He was a main leader of a larger clan in the golden age of this game. He became under Woooo's training one of the best unique pullers in the games history. He was well respected by his members and by those of the community. The high point of his career was when he helped dmv defeated sdj, a match that sdj doesn't acknowledge. When JOG lost him in july of 2006, I always stayed in close contact with him, knowing one day I would manage to get him back in the clan because I knew what type of person he was.


Book is a yes. He was a great player in AFH, a master puller (before the new generation became pre-madonnas and outlawed it) and an influetnial leader in both AFH and JOG. He sat on the JOG council during the games heyday which is an achievment in itself


He had just the right play style to counter all of my moves, I never could gain ground on him back in the day, just completely demolished me every time. I would put him in the same caliber as Mr. Barney. Guy was just good. And like many of these older jog noms they all laid the groundwork for us new guys that kinda came in and took over and worked over all there moves and overhauled them


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