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Post by Huey Freeman on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:13 pm

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Oh Yeah

Oh_Yea was definitely one of the best players of his time. He was also one of the best two (along with Book) in Afh during the clan's existence. He was pretty skilled with Aayla. To the point that he stood out amongst the crowds of Aayla users to a huge extent. Which was hard to do... He also had this sort of unrivaled charisma about him and his play style. Apparently I heard he made a return last year but joined Gor? But then vanished soon afterwords apparently.


During his time in AFH he wasnt top 10 but top 15 but remember this was a time where every clan had a solid 5 great players and there were tons of clans. Oh yeah was also one of the most active players on the game. He took on all challengers every day of the week and in that way made alot of people better and taught alot of people without meaning to, one of those people being myself. True after AFH he didnt do much but his time with AFH was noteworthy.


During his time he dominated beyond most as did a lot of AFH players. Played all the time and influenced many. A definite yes.


He was an extremly tough out during his time in the game. He gave afh a very strong lineup for their time. I think as thor said, his contribution to the community came in the form of just influencing their type of game play. He reminds me a lot of finalround in this vote. I believe I voted no on final round. But i never saw finalround as the best of ninja or their most stand out player. I feel oh yeah honestly was afh's best player. And afh was a influential clan.


I vote yes for this guy. He was a real hard hitter back in the day, played a lot of 2v2's, usually with Jarm. A lot of people don't know this, but I left DJO and joined AFH for like a day, not even a day really and I probably learned more in that day then I have in my entire career. He taught me a lot of things. And then I just upped and went back to DJO, kind of a douchebag move, but hey I was 15. I didn't like the atmosphere in AFH really, but Oh Yeah was a really good teacher and he didn't just teach me, he taught many others as well.


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