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Post by Huey Freeman on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:09 pm

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Achilles... Achilles was always my closest competitor back in the good ol SOR days. I never did beat him though, even in the prime of my youth, I always lost to Achilles which, I believe, only compliments this man's amazing skillset.

Achilles began his career in BOJ. Achilles was considered to be the 3rd/4th best player in BOJ following after Trelum and Crazyfoo. After BOJ fell, Achilles traversed to SDJ and honed his skills to a tee. It was in SOR where Achilles would make the most impact though...

With his amazing gifts in the jedi arts (like Crazyfoo, was considered to be an elite player in the game), Achilles was one of the main players that helped SOR to the top of the mountain. SOR considered Achilles to be it's best player for a long time (this was when Crazyfoo left and Trelum became inactive). Achilles brought a great sense of activity to the clan as well. Achilles is logged in as playing in 6 of SOR's official jedi matches (winning them all) and participating in 8 of SOR's 17 scrimmages.

Eventually, Achilles would also become a leader of SOR in the Supreme Council (a position I was never given).

A man that is just a pure talent and joy to watch on the field and someone you'd want to have on your team


Achilles I always felt was SOR's really big hitter that gave them a lot of depth and made them much more than just a one two punch. He was well known for his skills as a jedi. A big heavy hitter in the game. He wasa big part of SOR's greatness and SOR was major player in this games history. He was also one of those first guys that really started to break the mold of what the game had been and what it would evntually turn into being as a faster more aggressive style of play took hold. He was a forerunner of what was to come.


To me achilles was always the best player in his clan. in BOJ i think i'ts even between him and crazyfoo but later on Achilles just went to a different level. Guy was just an awesome player and such a cool guy. If it wasnt for him i doubt SOR would of been that successfull at jedi (sorry isac haha)


Achilles was one of the elite players of his time. There were actually 2 Achilles'. One was some conquest player, and his name ended with a 'z' and not an 's'. And then there was this Achilles. He was one of the leaders of Boj/Sor and helped make it into the most powerful clan of its time behind only Jog.

Also, I think Achilles was the best Sor player during his time in the game. I think he was even better then Trelum or Crazy Foo. The reason why, is well... Let me go into gloat mode lol. But of coarse, I'm only doing so because it helps explain how skilled this guy was.

Anyways anyone who knows me well remembers that as good of an all around player I was, my strong point was 1vs1s. Now, I thought highly of myself, but never really thought I was clear cut the best single player of my time. I think there were an elite few guys around the same level... Just like today. Each having their strengths. However, I do consider my self the best "dueler" of my time. I beat guys like Mr Clean, Superduper, Jeff, Chicali, Sentinel, Trelum, Crazy Foo, Mr Goodwrench/Jmeey, Mantle, Mr. Psychopath, Lord Bubba, Zarex, Mr. Barney, Frantic, Rand Talor, Jimmyslim, Superman, Fear, Zombie13, Oh Yea, Chaos, and anyone else who'd face me who I thought would put up a hard fight. From obsessing over preparing for each individual by facing them a lot in big servers before fighting em, I was able to amass a record of 130-0 and never lose a single duel. Even against the very elite players of my time.

Anyways, there's one guy who gave me the hardest time out of ANYONE I ever faced. He even gave me a bigger challenge then Mr Clean. That guy was Achilles. I fought him twice I remember. Both times when he was in Sor. 1st time I faced em he came closer to beating my ass then anyone else before or after. I remember the 1st time I fought em, well I think I would have lost if like I hadn't figured out his play style. I only beat him by 2 kills. I actually only won from being cheap lol. He was kicking my ass so I had to resort to pestering him by being an absolute douche. I'd havem chase me around the map by baiting him with saber throws and being a flee on a hot brick. I even half broke the rules in an attempt to makem lose his cool...

Anyways, later on when I was infinitely improved over last time I faced him, I faced him again because I thought that my victory wasn't legit. I thought I would do better, but again... I didn't beat him by much and he was an immense challenge to overcome.

Anyways, forgive my boastfulness Smile But yea, he also wasn't too shabby in bigger servers. He's one of the top ten or so players of his time easily.


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