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Post by Huey Freeman on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:01 pm

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If Crazyfoo was the big heavy hitter in BOJ, then Trelum was the perfect compliment to the team through his smart/tactile play. A heavy hitter in his own right, Trelum helped to co-found BOJ with his friends Crazyfoo and JAR. Aside from the raw power that was Crazyfoo, Trelum was also one not to be overlooked. The guy possessed a seemingly wide array of moves and skillsets that he could pull out at anytime to crush his enemies. It would honestly be quite hard to say if Trelum or Crazyfoo were better than one another at this point in time, both brought their own unique flair to things that helped BOJ climb to the top of the jedi world for a time. They used their unique styles in perfect combination with one another as well. Trelum and Crazyfoo were both masterful doubles... Their high point in their career being when they beat SDJ in an official two on two (Super and One of A Kind).

After the fall of BOJ, Trelum sort of floated around numerous clans before coming back to SOR under the name Welcome Wagon. While Trelum's main impact was more in BOJ, Trelum did make enough of an impact in SOR as well to be a heavily used player for any matches that we did while he was in SOR.

While his career sort of flatlined after SOR, his accomplishments shouldn't be overlooked. The guy was a top ten player in his prime, something that was (and still is) very hard to accomplish


Once again another top 10 jedi of the golden age.

Extremely talented. I fought him many of times in battle and it was always a back and forth affair between us. I have much respect for his skill and his efforts to make the community better and bigger. I remember him coming to JOg asking how to set up a site and such for BOJ. BOJ being one of the major clans in the history of this game. A clan that you can see direct lineage of other powerful clans.

An easy yes for me.


Trelum, always aware, great Leader, big impact on the community for any team(clan) he was on.. His leadership in BOJ was amazing! If it weren't for him posting as his in game name as the website of BOJ, i would of never been involved with them..


Absolutely one of the top players of his time. Trellum was also one of the main driving forces behind Sor and helped it become bigger/stronger then clans like Gor/Sdj for instance.

He was a good friendly rival to me and a good friend period to a lot of other people. I loved the countless duels we had with one another. We helped each other become as good as we eventually became. I think without my sparring partner in the form of Trelum... I woudn't have gotten remotely close to the player I was.

And he's a very skilled individual that is missed by anyone that knew him.


If somebody says no they need to get slapped. Trelum just like crazyfoo is an easy yes. Hasnt been around for years yet people still talk to him.1v1 skill i feel he was always overshadowed by crazyfoo but his teamwork and leadership we're top notch. YES


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