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Once upon a time there was a new player named Crazyfoo! hehe. This jedi met another jedi named Trelum. They got to know eachother pretty good and became great friends. They both had a desire to become the most powerful jedi on the front. Of course at the time seeing as it was a newer game, a lot of people did. These two trained together to accomplish this goal until one day another good friend decided to join the party... Jar. These three together became a force to be reckoned with and it wasn't long before the idea of a clan came into their minds. Now a lot of people at the time were creating and disbanding clans. The whole idea seemed pretty addictive to people I don't know so when BOJ was announced, a lot of people thought it was just some other clan which for the time being it was.

Crazyfoo and of course Trelum, Jar started to look to their closest friends on the front and anybody that was up for the challenge to join their newly created clan. One of the first was a player named Achilles who had previously been among JOG actually and more recently MR/ GOR who he conflicted with. He was looking for a new clan and BAM! new BOJ member. Crazyfoo didn't know at the time what a great member Achilles would be to the team later on. Other members around the same time began flooding in by the happy invitation of BOJ leaders. One such person was Mastaisac or at the time {GRAND}Mastaisac lol. He was barely learning the ways of the force although by that time he had come up with his very own style which would be recognized later on as he became a leader over jedi. Another that came along was Donatello who we find here at JOG today and all know now of his LOE legacy. Some time after that the invitation was extended to a player named Holocaust aka Antifreeze who at the time struggled to really find his place in the community. Crazyfoo gave him a chance and man was that a good decision for how that would help himself out in the future.

Other players joined and for the most part BOJ was jedi although a conquest part had started up as well which eventually would be the great fallback for BOJ later. Everything went well for quite some time. BOJ started to become a rising star among the jedi clans and begin to be rated evenly with JOG and GOR. BOJ had its own conflicts like other clans with its usual flame wars. In fact one memorable one was its fight with GOR. Apparently the fact that BOJ played so often in the GOR server was an issue, eventually a new server was bought although insults and flames were exchanged along with members actually lol. GOR would eventually become a great ally in the future.

The BOJ legacy was quite formed, but then something happened. Crazyfoo was surprised to find out about an incident that happened with Trelum. Trelum supposedly was kicked out of the server for disobeying the pleas of future general Antifreeze. Trelum became angry and banned Antifreeze from the site. After a few discussions and a final goodbye... Trelum was gone and to make things even worse Jar left as well.

Crazyfoo was the sole leader of BOJ then and his two close friends from the beginning were now gone. It didn't take long before he gave up the burden. Mastaisac, Antifreeze, and Achilles took over the leadership roles. After Crazyfoo's leave he would notice other conflicts such as one with JOG and Mr. Clean... then another with racial disputes over a player named BountyHunter. It was quite discouraging. Crazyfoo continued to play although there was no other clan that stood out like BOJ did. It just wasn't the same.

As many know though in the year 2007 a new clan was formed around conquest called SOR. A lot of things happened in that time which I"m not going to share here, but Crazyfoo came back into the picture at a later time. Antifreeze bumped into Crazyfoo one day and remembered the day that Crazyfoo took him in. They discussed a few things about even creating a new clan, but Antifreeze instead offered Crazyfoo a place as jedi leader in SOR. This would mean that once again Crazyfoo would have to recruit new players like back in BOJ.

His first move was to find all of his old friends that were previously in BOJ and were no longer there. He went to JOG where he found Mastaisac and isac immediately left his place there to join the new SOR jedi team. SDJ at the time had a fallout with superduper being completely retarded... crazyfoo had already had a bad run in with the guy so his leaving of the game brought a smile to his face I'm sure. Achilles was apart of SDJ at the time and decided to join his old friends back at SOR when super took his leave. Mastaisac brought in old time players Xz and The Pope. With their newly formed ranks they challenged their first clan LOS to a 4 v 4 where they took home the victory.

There were quite a few notable jedi at the time then and new challenges came and went with SOR defeating all in their path. One important match was against GOR in which Crazyfoo could not attend although it was a win which was the first major mark for the jedi in SOR. Crazyfoo challenged GOR once more with him playing this time and destroyed them once again. Many of the jedi were honing their skills to an extent that nobody could even imagine possible in the game. Crazyfoo was marked as one of the best Windu players on the front although he was not the only one with a fad for the character hehe.

Over time though Crazyfoo started to disappear for longer and longer periods of time. His activity started to cut short and other jedi players started to leave (unsure if it was because of his inactivity, but it's assumed). Then one point came that Crazyfoo said he would be gone for an even longer period of time although he promised his return. Few knew why this was occurring, but something was actually going on at the time.

Crazyfoo made his return quite a while later to finish his known star wars career with a punch. Mastaisac during the inactivity became leader of the jedi. Many changes had occurred over that period, but it was decided that JOG had to be beaten once and for all. Crazyfoo and Antifreeze went for it against Arggie and Nightstalker I believe. Crazyfoo had to leave, but Achilles took his place and won their first game against JOG. It wasn't over then... Crazyfoo went for another shot at JOG with probably one of the best lineups in the history of the game, Crazyfoo, Achilles, Mastaisac, Antifreeze, and Trelum (Welcome Wagon). The fighting was brutal but the score for SOR doubled nearly that of JOG.

Many things occurred then with alliances, wars, and finally the departure of an old friend Trelum once again. It was the same sad day for Crazyfoo once again relived in SOR. After that people just went their ways. Mastaisac and Achilles leaving battlefront for other games. The Pope and a few conquest players leaving. Changes in leadership and direction began. Crazyfoo felt that the era of jedi was no more and the desire to be the greatest was already fulfilled. A connection to many players was lost and the excitement for the game was dying out. It was then that Crazyfoo disappeared... never to be seen or heard of again


If there was anyone that was ever a teacher/mentor to me in my early days, it would have to be Crazyfoo; and for good reason too. Co-Founder of a little well known clan called BOJ, Crazyfoo was a force to be reckoned with on the field. Often regarded as a top ten player in his days in the SDJ halls, JOG halls, and overall community, Crazy would lead his ragtag group of BOJ bretheren as the top third/second clan in Jedi assault. Quite an accomplishment considering the huge abundance of jedi assault clans during that period. A true to form beast on the field (quite comparable with CT actually) and an absolute powerhouse in any rotation with his Mace Windu.

Later on in his career, Crazyfoo helped co-found SOR Jedi with myself. With the help of Crazyfoo, me and him were able to make SOR the second best assault clan in the game (and at times considered the best assault clan for it's time when JOG went underground). A perfect 12-0 record that Crazyfoo had a large hand in.

In only two short years, Crazyfoo had done what he went out to do in the game... One day Crazyfoo just dissapperared and was never seen again. But his echoes are still felt throughout the community to this day...

*Also beat Superduper and One of a Kind in a 2 on 2 with Trelum (an official clan match that SDJ does not recognize)

This one's for you old friend


easy yes for me

This guy is a top 10 player of the golden age of this game. He helped led two very powerful clans, boj and sor. Was well respected by everyone in this game. He is a shiny example of what made this game so very rich with amazing talent and competition.


yes this guy was a force. amaziing with windu...he sparked alot of competition early in the game


crazyfoo is one of the no brainers when it comes to who should be in the hall of fame. Probally the best windu i've seen, put BOJ on the map as a top jedi clan and was the best 2v2 with trelum. Of course yes


Crazy Foo, probably the best leader and friend i could ask for (No offense Jeff.. lol i like you too) . His skill was the talk of the community and also with bringing in the clan BOJ around town. He is the reason why I have joined BOJ, giving me the opportunity to be part of it all and to improve my skills as i went. He did great for BOJ with the clan history, as well did it again with SOR. Big piece of the early days of the Era.


Easy yes for me. One of Sor's elite players and also... One of the top dozen or so elite players for his time. He was an amazing leader to Sor and helped make it, during its time... The one of the 2 (along with jog) biggest/most powerful assault (and conquest) clans at its time.

He was also an amazing Mace Windu. I remember when I fought him in 1vs1 I got so pissed and confused as to how hard a time I was having against his Windu that I lost my cool and barely won. Being one of the best 2 players with Windu during his time (I think Mr Clean was tied withem with Windu, sorry! ) Was such a great feat to accomplish I always did, always have and always will think that Mace sucks for me. I hated playing as him lol. I thought his aerial sucked, his running attack sucked... and that Mace had this over all "bulky clumsy" feel about him. Mace wasn't as light or as maneuverable as other heroes like Luke or Obiwan...

But somehow Crazy Foo dominated so hard with that character anyways.


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