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I have many good friends In this game, but Spidey takes them all. He is the first person that saw anything in me. He spent time training me and teaching me the game. Now he taught me some tricks but my execution was slow compared to the others on this list. He was a great friend in FOG when I was stressed we would just hang out in the server together locked and BS. For some reason he could calm me down. He taught me so much about the inter workings of this game without him I would still be a banned noob.


I used to hate this guy. He was so annoying in his early days in DJO. He'd come into our server and he'd be singing on mic (this happened all the time) and I 'd ask him to "please be quiet because other people shared his mic and don't necessarily want to hear your singing voice". He would just up and say no. So boot.... but he'd be back the following week doing the same thing. My every experience with him was annoying and he always seemed to have this cocky attitude which got under my skin. He later created FOG (turning on his DJO brothers and sister, disgraceful), and he called himself Spidey all mighty? Are you kidding me? Later he did some clan hopping with some of the baddasses and I figured he was just one of those clan hopping bad asses that had gone down that road that so many had followed. Of course he was absolutely dominating at the game. His quick style of constantly moving around the map, evading and attacking is quite unique to the game. He clearly has his own style. Which of course infuriated me more. He was always so smug and annoying ....lol.

So later, he wanted to join GOR and I thought now I have him muhahahaaaa. But..... he said he wanted to hang out with his old buddies in DJO and we basically have a policy of if you were ever in GOR or DJO or FOG for that matter and want to join to hang with old buddies then it's an automatic in. And the guy was popular, he had a lot of friends in GOR. (What! People liked this guy?) So what could an asshole like me do. I had to put up and shut up and let him join. (I really didn't have much of a problem with the guy he just sort of ticked me....lol). Turns out I was wrong*. This guy is totally cool. He is unbelievably funny as well. He has a temper at times but who doesn't. He is always committed to doing the right thing. He has been such an amazing addition to our clan it's unbelievable. He has risen up the ranks to become one of our leaders and deservedly so. I now consider him a friend. Sometimes on this game you just see things from a certain perspective and having what I call virtual friends either online or through a video game you just can't get the whole picture of who someone is. Not to mention that people often change when they are online and become some kind of hyper version of their true selves.

Spidey is now an integral part of GOR and I am truly glad that he has become such an important part of our clan. What really put it over the top for me with Spidey was a few years back we had some infighting in our clan between our PS3 division and PS2 division. His diplomacy and skill during that time was amazing and really pointed to his maturity and above average intelligence. He really is All Mighty.


YES for Spidey. Very talented player, im tempted to spam this topic with Spiderman memes but i have to much respect for him so I'll try restrain myself. Very articulate and mature, extremely influential to the community and his respectful clans.


He has an outstanding pusher to pusher fighting ability. Extremely talented. Has led many great clans, including vVv and GOR, and has influenced/improved the play style of some of the best of today, such as fearless.


I am glad he got nominated because i was about to nominate him when round 11 came around. Anyways spidey has been a great role model for alot of players on this game. At one point we was my Master when we were both in FaMoUs and LS by name thought lol because I ended taking a break from bf2. His playstyle is something that i tried mimicing so i can be good like him. With all my rambling and for the reason stated above by my fellow commitee members, Spidey Widey gets a Yes.


I don't even need to read the posts above(although I did skim them, lol), and I don't even need to think about this candidate.

He is a definite yes, Spidey has always been a huge part of this game, and just the community in general. Of course I did not know him back in the older days, but I know the things he has done for this game even when he took a break from it for awhile.

Plus he's in "The Abyssians" video(Abyssians being what regular members of The Abyss community call each other) in the hacked server having fun with us as we played a game of "zombie apocalypse", and when he's not playing seriously he can be really hilarious, very fun man to play with.

But, I'm rambling. Once again to clarify, he is a yes.

-Mephiles The Dark

Never liked the name Spidey, Spidey_Almighty even worse.The man I knew better was Spider-Man. He the day I meant him was a total keeper of friendship and of tag teaming together on the front in public servers. I would see him alot and we'd be pretty close in our skills of the lightsabers, even when we would 1v1 or 2v2. This guy is a big part of team effort, he was a good leader in DJO but was more known as his accomplishments with FOG in the swbf2 Community with his awesome leadership following through the years, especially with big battles and the one everyone talks about the win over LSJ. Spider-Man a big part of the community on behalf of myself, a very great leader,friend and teamate you could ask for, always was a solid player. As much as I lost contact of him and haven't played the game after he went to GOR, idk his accomplishments from there so sorry.. lol


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