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SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee


It's Donatello, what can you say? He's probably one of the most respected players on the game. LOE wouldn't have grown in to what it did without his enthusiasm, friendly nature and leadership that excelled over mine. Even in the worst times of LOE he kept it cool, never letting anything faze him. Now, I haven't played with Don recently much but back then he played strong and learned the game quickly throughout the years and it was always funny at times impersonating the emperor or screaming our asses off in intense situations like in our first clan battle with GOR where we had won by only a few points lol. Yeah in the end we died, people moved on and things changed within the game but the good thing is we all came out with friendships to remember all the great times we had as a clan. I can't imagine any other way for LOE, it simply wouldn't have reached as high as it got if you weren't there (lol pizzas and pot)

You really do deserve to be in the HoF because of who and how you are.


Great guy with a level head. Helped keep LOE grounded and respected. The 3 turtles were all important pieces to the leadership and Don's skill set really kept it together. His skills in-game were probably never looked at as elite but were always very solid.


While Donny was never a top tier player, he was always was a solid, dependable one. Great leader, helped keep LOE alive and kicking and on the match scene. He knew how to play a match well, very good team tactics. Probably the most level-headed out of all the turtles and one of the nicest guys I've met on here.


Me and Don are kinda like the rooks who entered the SWBF2 league in the first year, lol. Along with myself, Don was an up and comer way back when (2006) in BOJ. Both me and Don fought through the bottom to the top and eventually became leaders and preety skilled players along the way. I chose to bring my leadership to SOR, Don brought his talents to LOE (a clan he created)

LOE has a nifty little knitch in SWBF2 history. I don't really know if LOE was the best assault clan out there, but they weren't one to be overlooked either. Don practically took the little rag tag group he had with him, trained them up the best he could, and swung the bat as hard as he could. Guy is a great leader, a skilled player back in his day, and definately brought LOE to the forefront of the SWBF2 community for a time

Probably Don's shining moment was sparking huge activity and competition into this game by participating in the heated LOE/UDN/SOR war


I always looked at don and leo as heads of loe. Loe to me was a smaller clan. However they played a major part in the war of sor and udn which was big for the community. Loe did also see its influence with some members that would move on later in the game and become big.
H was a good player in his time, not great. But you can see how players inact and respect him. Even to this day here in jog you can see players just generally like the guy and he gets people excited to be involved.

he also set up some reunion battles during this games history which agin is a cool thing this community has done during its history.


YES YES YES. IVE know donny going on bout 6-7 years now always been a good guy and an even better friend or as i call him "MY BROTHER FROM A CANADIAN MOTHER". Donny is literally like a brother to me. The guy has been a driving force in this game from his contribution to BOJ and LOE and his love for this game and the people in it he organized a reunion game for some of the older players and definitely is responsible for a lot of the dedication from a lot of the old vets that still are involved.


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