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Post by Huey Freeman on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:49 pm

SWBF2 Hall of Fame Inductee

A Civilian

As I said before, Civil is the person I will always admire most from this community. Not for his skill level or playing abilities, but for his outstanding character. I do not mean to put him on a pedestal, but there is simply no one who can compare.

This gentleman is a no BS kind of guy. On the flip side, he is very forgiving. I cannot imagine how FOG and NSJ would have lasted without him. He was a leader through wisdom and his relationships and mentorships with others. When members were out of line or needed to be checked, Civil would quite simply, just be their friend.

He always listens, always tries to understand you and then help. You can tell that he truly cares. This is what I love about him. His actions are not for his benefit or even necessarily for the clan he is in, but rather for you.

When I was a lost cause on this game, he saw past all of the garbage and reached me on a profound level. He is the type of person through after talking with you feel better. He forces you to look at yourself and your decisions, not through punishing you or putting you down, but through a gentle conversation. In a game where most people write you off if you rub them the wrong way, he is the guy who will go to you and try to help. Not many people do that. Some will say they do, but in reality they do not.

Even though he is an old fart, I consider him to be a good friend. Has always had my utmost respect. This is honestly just scratching the surface of what he has done, but I figure this is more than enough.

Thanks Civil.


This guy was my everything, my always, my constant. He gave me all the strength I needed to do anything and more. No matter how many mistakes I made as a leader, as a player or as a person he could always pick me up and set me on the path to success. I don't think I would be here today if it weren't for this man and I'm not alone in that thought. He taught me that compassion and empathy were stronger qualities than any matter of skill I had in this game. And that keeping a cool head is the most invaluable talent you can possess in any situation you might come across in life.

Without even trying to, this man stood out by just being a sincerely nice and approachable person. He rose above all else with a couple of simple philosophies and a few kind words and no one else on this list of Hall of Famers can say that and no one can ever take that away from him. He was undoubtedly the most respected person during his time on this game and I don't think anyone he has come across will ever forget him.

Congratulations, General Manager Ubin, you've been promoted out of the Outskirts.


Hey Civil,

Now how did a couple of older timer noobs like you and me ever get elected to the HOF? Better yet, what the hell are we doing hanging out with all these juvenile delinquents in the first place? Kind of instantly knew what this guy was about after the first time I met him. Totally layed back guy and sooo easy to talk to. He did have a talent of talking to some of the bigger hot heads on the game and getting them to come back down to earth. Not an easy thing to do. As he stated before we'd often be playing late at night literally rolling on the floor laughing at the stupid shit we were doing or saying. A couple of years ago we caught him hanging around the gor site posting on our shoutbox, saying hi to old friends so we asked him to join. He declined saying he didn't have the time or something like that but continued to hand around. Finally we FORCED him to join basically stating that there was absolutely no obligation involved much to the delight of the clan! He agreed and the rest is history. Congratulations on your election to the HOF dude. All the best.


Civilian, almost forgot all about this guy! Civil was a really cool guy, even tho he lacked skill he had great leader abilities and was just a well rounded piece in the community. He provided a lot for the community. Civil actually reminds me of people like Jeff and Nerdvader, so calm and mature but strong in their authority


Civil, hands down, is the person I admire most in this game. If there has ever been anyone I wished I could be like, it was him. I am not talking about skills, cause as has been stated he was borderline average. What I am talking about is his character; it sets him apart from every single other person by miles.

As Spidey said, this gentleman is a brilliant leader and great friend. Patient, wise, compassionate, understanding. Just a few of his many strengths. He held FOG together, and in many ways helped other players hold themselves together, me being a prime example, there are many others I am sure.

Spidey you are wrong about NSJ though. Civil kept getting requests to join clans or restart FOG, but he always declined. He made an exception for me however and out of the Cantina we formed CMF, Cantina Misfits. We soon swapped to NSJ and much later I left upon realizing the game still had a lot of competitive thirst and also it was too much like FOG, did not appreciate all the outspoken voices and bias on the council haha. In short I wanted control hahaha.

Back to Civil. I think as a person he can be compared to Jeff. However, with all due respect, I admire Civil much more simply because he did not need to make political power-plays, among other things. A very rare exception in my opinion when skill does not matter. Simply a guy everyone can learn from. Indeed he has left his own legacy without needing to be a big mouth, drama queen or deadly player.

-Sinister (2)

this game is filled with hot heads and ass holes. A Civilian was neither. In a time when there weren't many players that that could remain calm and cool in a situation he was it. I didn't have many run ins with civilian. I know he never really liked JOG's style. BUT I always came away from any conversation or thing we did together with a lot of respect for him. He is in that same boat as hattori, although hattori was far more skilleld in the game. But civilian help lead one of two clans that came in at the middle of this game that actually managed to not fall apart within a month. lol That take true leadership skills and helped the game to pick up after the golden age had died. Not to mention their victory over lsj helped JOG bring back Mr Clean into the fold just makes me happy lol.


Civil was one of those very influential people in my opinion. He wasn't a hothead, he wasn't competitive, and he never truly cared about his skill. However he was one hell of a leader both in FOG and during NSJ. He taught morals and life lessons to players more than anything. He impacted several players on an emotional level which in turn made them change for the better and become better people and better players. Sinister is a perfect example. I noticed Civil had a huge impact on the way Sinister acted and the same can be said for members of FOG and NSJ. He will always be remembered as a role model, a good leader, a good teacher, and one hell of a cool guy.


Civilian... Definately an exception to the traditional guidelines of the Hall of Fame. Perhaps the only person who is even capable of being in the Hall of Fame without a great set of skills would definately be Civil. Never have I seen a person be a friend and a calming level headed influence to practically everyone in SWBF2. An extradorinary leader. With the melting pot of different enigmas he had to deal with, it sort of seems like a miracle he was able to accomplish what he did with FOG.


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