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The Bubba: This dude was originally recruited by GOR during a time where recruiting was getting hugely bloated within GOR. We were getting too many members and I always get nervous during these times because it is really hard to organize that many people and keep them happy. But Bubba was light years ahead of most in terms of maturity and he joined the same time as Joker. I was feeling really good about these guys and what they potentially could do for the clan and from what they told me they were feeling the same. But unfortunately they got Wizarded at the time and he went on a rampage on both of those guys so they decided to create their own clan DJO. Things were a little tense between our clans for a while as some of our members left to join them but eventually things settled down between us and both clans remained tight. During that time at DJO Bubba really excelled as a player (as did Joker) and the little clan they made started to get better and better and bigger and bigger through great leadership and recruiting and training. The clan stuck around for a time but their numbers dwindled and interest was hard to keep going so we offered a merge and once again we were made whole. We offered leadership to Bubba initially but he declined saying he just wanted to play the game with no leadership headaches but you can't keep a great leader away from what he does best so he later agreed and has been on the council of GOR since.

Another of the steady headed leaders of SWBF2. Not one for drama of any kind but also doesn't mind telling it like it is when warranted. Killer Vader, killer Anakin, this guy can kick butt in many classes but thinks in terms of a team game (a skill often sadly lacking in SWBF2). But his down to earth personality and ability to speak to people on a human level has really helped others excel at this game and I think has affected people hugely on a human level. The last guy I'd think who'd ever want to play video games let alone play consistently for years (where does he find the time? He's got a family to raise) we are all the more fortunate to have him playing on the field and behind the scenes. And GOR is the luckier for having him with us.


Probably the person I have the greatest respect for on this game, so maybe I'm a bit biased on this one, but I feel he deserves a place here. He was a leader of DJO when I met him, but now he is a leader of GOR. His individual skills are most certainly good, but not stellar. Where he really shines the most is in his team play, he is probably the best teammate I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. Always has your back at all times and is always there to save you when you are in need. He had an unwavering resolve to his play, nothing would ever shake him, no matter what went wrong, his mind was always in the right place. His leadership was stellar and never domineering. A great player, a great leader, and an overall great guy to be around.


i remember doing some 2v2s and 1v1s with bubba and in my opinion i think we won some of those 2v2s because of him. i would rush in stupid aggressively and bubba would come in and clean up the mess i made. i remember he would always show up to practice and usually be one of the higher scorers. i think i remember him giving me tips on how to improve my game and showing me some cool stuff so that shows to me he was always willing to help. in my opinion i compare bubba to civil. he had no ego whatsoever and was always a blast to talk to on mic.


Lol Spider mah boy this is an easy vote for me. Lord Bubba started out in Gor but after a while decided to form his own clan. It IS here where he prospered in the game. He single handedly made Djo into a formidable clan that people would need to reckon...

This cat would always give me and anyone else who faced him an excellent challenge. He was also very well composed. And YES! He was a swat man who'd arrest your ass lolol!


I tried to bring djo into jog when we came out of our civil war in july of 2007. I respected bubba skills then and it was easy to know he was one of the best back door men in the game. He was always close enough to clean up a mess or to save a teammate. He was a tough cookie to break when playing. I have nothing but respect for his skills and his abilities. In a time in which there were alot of big name players, he was one that when you saw on the field of play, you knew to watch out for because if you took your eyes off of him, he would get you. . . making public play a lot of fun. I know we played djo and gor at this time and beat them both, but that doesn't take away any respect I had for his skills and his ability to make a clan have an impact.


I always knew Bubba as a great leader and a threat when it came to team matches. He was a talented teammate, and a powerful leader who had his way of influence. I loved his smarter style of game play, it made him stand out a bit...


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