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Post by Huey Freeman on Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:29 pm

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Gman was young when I met him. He had a ton of skill and a force t reckon with. Him and Spidey were very competitive, but being on the inside they were like brother rivalries. Gman was young but to his credit as much as his skill was he could listen to reason. Sometimes people who are really high in skill just think they are better and don't want t hear anything negative. Gman really was positive in trying to make FOG stronger. I have a lot of respect for him.


A royal pain in the butt during his time in DJO. I can remember he was almost universally hated because he would heavily rely on perfect block for everything he did. I think he deserves the title of biggest blockwhore of all time for how he played these days. Regardless, from DJO onward he grew. A lot. Into a great player and solid leader.


I always remember Gman as being a really good player. Not truly top notch, but he was really good. I remember him being a good leader in FOG and how players like Kentobu told me all about how Gman was teaching people and helping them grow. I remember that Gman was one of my first 1v1's and we had a very close 20-17 game in my favor. However, I always respected his skill, but I did not respect his feminine tactics. At that point in time I was in no position to judge his blockwhoring, seeing how I was one myself. Lol.


Gman and Spidey and the rest of FOG were our fiercest competition at the start of our existence as a clan. If it weren't for FOG, then I don't think LSJ would have lasted as long as it did. It wasn't until FOG died that we begun to pester JOG. The reason for that is that we wanted to fill in the void that their departure from the game had left. Gman was an enormous a part of FOG and is definitely deserving to of an induction. Plus, he was pretty skilled in 1on1 play in my opinion


Gman is one of the most underrated players in jedi's history. At the time LSJ and FOG were the two big clans & our rivalry is what kept the game interesting. Gman was one of the best players when he played and was someone you had to keep your eye on. Gman has my respect and i believe he deserve to be in the HoF because of the fire he brought to the game through fighting with LSJ aswell as other clans. His skill alone is enough for my yes lol.

Oh and don't forget they are the only clan to beat LSJ with Kratos,Myself & Scarz in the lineup.


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